Saturday, 4 April 2009

BBF Park Ji Bin & DBSK Hero are fast friends

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TVXQ's Hero (left) and Park Ji Bin enjoying a cuppa on their "date"

Fourteen year old Park Ji Bin wants a little of that F4 fame too. The little boy is crying out for attention and posted these pics of him and TVXQ's Hero Jaejoong in his home page recently.

Park Ji Bin plays Geum Kang San (Jandi's little brother) on Boys Before Flowers. The talented young lad is also currently on KBS Empress Chun Chu. He debuted at the young age of eight in Perfect Love (2003).

On March 31, Park Ji Bin spent time with his "elder brother" and friend -- oh yes, you all know him too, Dong Bang Shin Ki's Hero Jaejoong. Park first met Hero way back in 2005 and they exchanged phone numbers and have reportedly become fast friends.

Hyung! Let's do the couples thing and feed each other!

This is not a Starbucks CF

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Hey Park Ji Bin! Aren't you a bit too young to be drinking liquor?

Park Ji Bin and his other "connections" -
with Boys Before Flowers co-stars Lee Min Ho and Gu Hye Sun


Ahree said...

This is too cute! Ji Bin is adorable in Boys Over Flowers.

Samantha Michelle♥ said...

it's coke

Wawa said...

ahhhh~~~ so cute!!!!
i like Ji Bin in BBF and plus, he's with my HERO :P

Anonymous said...

jaejoong is just way too hotttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!
and i guess he makes a great brother too.

izza lemonade said...

yup.that's not a liquor.

noizumi said...

yup! Both of them are sooooo CUTE!!
luv them!

btw, orchid.. this is the 1st time i see u hide an article...
i mean not revealing the whole article in the main page...
what's up with that?!
not that i mind btw... hehhe...
just curious... ^^

Mayang said...

I find the older posts of K-popped funny (that's why I keep comin back) although biting most of the time but in this post, I have my beef. Why do you guys at K-popped project that Park Jibin is crying out for attention? he doesn't need to. he's friends with TVXQ's JJ, what's the big fuss? I didn't expect you could be this blatant to not spare even an innocent boy. others who aren't celebrities are crappy enough to claim they're rubbing elbows with the Idols like MusicRandomx of youtube who claimed she's very close to SuJu (proof of that the overflowing message comments in her channel that you can read on) but this boy? hell no, he's not namedropping and he's not an outcast if he claims he's close to these stars, he really is.

Ms.TuKaNg GeMpAq said...

Omg!! this is sooo cool!!
how i wish i could go on a date.. erk i mean an outing with jaejoongie~ lol

but i hv to have harrypotter's LiquidLuck and wait jaejoong to come here to MalAysia for that to happen!

lol~~ pity me....


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