Saturday, 4 April 2009

SoEul in Anycall Bodyguard MV CF

Kim So Eun and Kim Bum reprises their BBF
characters in Anycall's new Bodyguard promo

Boys Before Flowers couple #2 So Yi Jung and Chu Ga Eul (fondly known as SoEul) is so much loved by viewers that the powers that be in advertising brought them together again.

Kim Bum and Kim So Eun reprises their roles as the SoEul couple in the Samsung Anycall Bodyguard MV CF (music video commercial feature). No more under the shadow of the Junpyo-Jandi-Jihoo romance, it's a whole 5-minutes of pure SoEul. Boy band SHINee provides the backing song.

Catch Yi Jung and Gaeul in the music video cum commercial and check out the new Anycall Bodyguard mobile phone. The flip phone comes with a safety alarm / SOS feature that is especially useful in our crime filled world today.

Visit the Samsung Anycall official website to view the video (include the Making Of), download wallpapers and listen to the Bodyguard song MP3.

Now check out the 5-minute music video with English subtitles!

Video: wondersmurf

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Wawa said...

aigoooo... as some fans quite disappointed since not much SoEul's moment for the last episode, this really cheer up SoEul's fans :)

sierra. said...

ohemgeeeee i love this video! :D
these haptic ppl really know how to generate public interest.

Chianz said...

What a lovely couple ^.^''

Liz said...

Whoa, the phone rocks!

len said...

the phone reminds me of lg's lollipop, but this mv satisfies my need to see the SoEul couple that left me hanging at the end of BOF. thanks for posting!

jicks said...

how disgustingly sweet lol

these 2 look so cute together, love them XD

now i want my own "bodyguard" XP

fizzy피지 said...

i want my own bodyguard too!!
wah, this cf is like the answer to my question on what actually happen in the end for SoEul..

i love them!!

Pully said...

Am I the only person on earth not feeling any chemistry between these two ?

They look so ... acting.

Anonymous said...


mimie said...

both are very suitable together. their chemistry is very strong. I love them :D

Anonymous said... sweet im wish they r be a REAL COUPLE.... 我喜他们!!!! kim bum seo eun.....

leahjessicacastro said...

excuse me but can u please upload any call bodyguard because I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT TO WATCH THE FULL MOVIE. SO PLEASE UPLOAD IT...


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