Saturday, 25 April 2009

BBF on SMAPxSMAP may not see the light of day

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Boys Before Flowers on SMAPxSMAP
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Fans who were looking forward to view the clip of the Korean F4 being interviewed on Japanese talk show SMAPxSMAP may be in for a disappointment. The pre-recorded show might not be broadcast because one of the host of the program was recently arrested for indecent exposure and all his materials have been pulled off air.

Japanese pop star Tsuyoshi Kusanagi (34) from the group SMAP was arrested early Thursday (April 23) morning for indecent exposure. Police found Kusanagi at Hinokicho Park, completely naked and heavily intoxicated at 3a.m. in the morning. The park is located near the nightlight district of Roppongi in Tokyo.

Kusanagi is one of the most high-profile entertainers in Japan, both as a singer and an actor. He is a member of the quintet SMAP and they have released more than 30 singles and 20 albums in their 18-year career.

Their popular TV show called SMAPxSMAP has kept the band in the limelight and Kusanagi has built a huge Korean fan base as well by learning to speak Korean and singing in the language.

The Association for Promotion of Digital Broadcasting has requested that Kusanagi's TV commercials and programs stop airing.


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Anonymous said...

Oh no.....That's too bad everyone has to be punished because of him.

Hyun Joong's segment should at least be shown :(

My friend and I are planning to make a fan club for KHJ soon

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, too bad! Still hope they will play it some time...

By the way, LMH is in Sydney right now ^^

I originally awas not into Hyun Joong, but happened to see this video clip where he rehearsals for "Ur Man" with other SS501 members...Gosh, he's hooot!!

I Heart Boobies said...

lol. Ah alcohol~, is there anything you wont make people do.

Orchid said...

Hey watch this - fan cam focusing on Kim Hyun Joong dancing to U R Man

Omo, he's a better dancer than actor :-P

More focus on KHJ!!!

Orchid said...

Fiery Kim Hyun Joong

Anonymous said...

Omomo! ORCHID 언니!!!!!!

사랑해요!!!!! Thanks for the links to the videos!

Leader HJ is totally smoking hawt! Hawtnesssssssssss~~~~~!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

was so looking forward to it :(

jicks said...

Thanks for the YT links! Here's another one of KHJ in rehearsal:

So the man can sing, dance, play guitar & is the ultimate JiHoo sunbae <3 Do we need another reason to like him??

Anyways- for the sake of us fangirls, I hope that the episode of SMAPXSMAP w/ the F4 boys will get to air!

More importantly, I hope Kusanagi-san returns to work ASAP. It would be a shame to lose him from the entertainment world ><;;


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