Sunday, 26 April 2009

Goong actor Joo Ji-hoon busted for drug use

Joo Ji-hoon has admitted to drug use and will go on trial early next month.
He was last photographed in public at the
Prada Transformer Waist Down opening ceremony on April 23.

Barely after the dust has settled with Japanese star Kusanagi's indecent exposure scandal in Japan, we now hear of a drug scandal in Korea.

Shocking news is that popular actor Joo Ji Hoon (Princess Hours / Goong, Antique Bakery, Don Juan the musical) was investigated and has admitted to drug use. Joo reportedly bought the drugs (Estasy and Ketamine) from a fellow celebrity. Police have filed for arrest warrants for movie actress Yoon Seol-hee and model Yeh Han-young who are believed to have smuggled the drugs from Japan.

The three celebrities involved: Joo Ji-hoon, Yoon Seol-hee and Yeh Han-young

According to police, Yoon purchase the drugs via contacts from Japan and hid the drugs in her underwear. Yoon has traveled to Japan over 14 times since August 2007 purchasing Estasy and Ketamine.

This is the result of initial investigation. Police will reveal more later and it could be one huge drug bust involving more celebrities.

The five involved (including three celebrities) will be put on trial early next month.

Sources: Dramabeans, Newshankuk,

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Wawa said...

oh my god! SHIN-GOON! wae????????

katygirl. said...

this is so sad...esp cuz' his career is probably over, now...

Anonymous said...

ahhhh are you serious????
i'm the big fan of his

vrosemarie said...

That's the end of any kind of endorsements, CFs, dramas for a while. This is such negative publicity... He should just disappear for military duty... I wonder what sentence will he get?

Anonymous said...

He will most probably face some jailtime. Drug use is very serious crime in korea espescially if you take Extasy and Ketamine.
He may as well bid his career goodbye.

Antique Cake Shop which is showing in Japan right now might be taken off the screens. The drama that he was supposed to star in also cancelled his casting so as you can see, he is going down fast.

I've always suspected him being a drug user, cause of the way he looked at events. He always looked like he was in a daze, very untidy and barely able to open his eyes. I just knew he was on something. At the Baeksang he looked absolutely terrible and at the Prada event I became even more suspiscious after seeing the pictures, he looked absolutely out of it.

So when he got busted and said he only used it twice, I was like used drugs twice MY ASS! He’s been looking stoned in every event that he’s been in, so I dont buy the BS that he’s only used drugs twice. Maybe twice were he’s been caught taking it sounds more likely.

DRUG MONEY has been directly related to TERRORISM FUNDING,SEX TRAFFICKING, and CHILD PORNOGRAPHY. So this is something I absolutely wont tolerate no matter how I love the actor. he doesn’t deserve to be pitied for this!

Anonymous said...

오모나..this is so frustrating.. i've always love him in Goong and actually very intrigued to watch him in the new movies.

just when i thought koreans don't do drug, shin goon really disappoint me. 왜!??

니는 진싸로 슬프다! :((

아이스Aiseu said...

it was a shock to me..never thought of he will...

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

{Quote}Yoon purchase the drugs via contacts from Japan and hid the drugs in her underwear.

Ummmm. So we are to assume she left Korea an "A", returned a "Double D", and everybody attributed this to her "Wonder Bra"??? Oh my.

shinta said...

I'm not surprised at this news..I mean, by one look, you can tell he's up to something not good..By just looking at his pics on events he attended to will tell you, it was just about time..

Squirrel_13 said...

hearing this kind of news about celebrities really gives a scare...
i really don't understands why celebs use such drugs, i mean there are many things they can do for fun... do you think they have some psychological defect? maybe just a great influence...

they should stop using those kind of things!

Orchid said...

@Vic in Long Beach CA,

I read that she smuggled the drugs by putting them in a menstrual pad which she wore over an extra pair of underwear.

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

Thanks Orchid! The story caught me as funny. I wonder how the details came out? I'm sure if it was working, she wasn't saying anything about it. Gawd!

Anonymous said...

Netizens dug up Joo Ji Hoon's wild partying pictures...I dont know how they do it but they sure are very good detectives.
The pictures are a bit wild for Korean standards but it would be nothing in the US.

Anonymous said...

Thanks anonymous... The pictures were disappointing, but thanks for the info... At least I got to see the real Ji Hun. I know I shouldn't be surprised, he's just another common human being, as normal as we all are... But you know what, you're right, he might not just used dope twice... that's kinda hard to believe. Anyhow, dope is still dope, he used it... it doesn't matter if he used it once or twice, it doesn't matter if he used it when he was drunk... what matters is that he used it!... Now he must suffer the consequences.

Anonymous said...

I've been curious about what happens in Korea when a celebrity falls from grace, like in this particular case.

In the U.S., the media follows their descent (court trial, emergence from prison, rehab, return to normal life or fame), but once the dust settles, are they never mentioned again in the media? Will they never rise to fame again?


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