Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Choi Jung Won living her dream in Belgium

Choi Jung Won pretty as a picture - diligently does her homework

Korean actress Choi Jung Won (Kingdom of the Wind) is currently in the fashion city of Antwerp, Belgium living her childhood dream.

Korean cable TV program Olive will record Choi Jung Won's at one of Belgium's School of Art where she will study fashion design for 2 weeks. The program is part of an ongoing campaign by Olive TV to feature the arts and life in different cultures.

Choi will study under the tutelage of world famous Belgian fashion designer Walter Van Beirendonck.

The program will be aired on Olive TV in the first week of June 2009.

If this turns out well, i could wear it on my next red carpet outing.

It's not all work for the lovely Ms Choi..she gets to soak in the sights in Antwerp too!

Source: Newsen

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izza lemonade said...

i wish i can be that pretty while doing my homework too.haha.she really looks awesome in that pic.x)

Kaye said...


I'm Belgian. It's Walter Van Beirendonck :p

It's funny to see a little country like Belgium pop up in Korean Blogs...

jenny said...

Ohh what a wonderful memories come to my head!!! I LOVE BELGIUM, it's like my second country, I lived there for 2 years!!! and i will come bacl soon or me Belgique <3

Orchid said...

@Kaye Hey thanks for the correction on the designer's name. It's really neat that you're from Belgium and reading this blog. =) Glad to have readers from all around the world!

I have a friend who's living in Belgium but have yet to visit the country.

marcel said...

oh i remember my trip to europe in middle school! we only stopped by brussels for a day, but i loved the old architecture of the city...CJW is so lucky to be studying at art school in antwerp!

Kaye said...

@Orchid: No problem at all. I'm quite interested in South-Korea and Japan so it's nice to find blogs that tell you everything about it :-)

Antwerp is just about 15 to 20 minutes away from me. I'll be there later on today so I might as well bump into her :p


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