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More glamorous airport pics after the jump...

Okay, that wasn't really accurate. The main cast for Boys Before Flowers - the notorious Flower Four (F4) and Geum Jan-di (actress Gu Hye Sun) were at the airport, on the way to promote their drama in Japan. These pics were taken at Seoul's Gimpo Airport on the morning of 15 April.

Japan is where the original manga and drama - Hana Yori Dango originated from.

KBS 2TV drama Boys Before Flowers (or Boys Over Flowers) started airing in Japan on April 12. In Japan, the cast will appear on one of Japan's best talk shows SMAP X SMAP '스마스마' on FujiTV. The program is hosted by SMAP members Kimura Takuya and Kusanagi Tsuyoshi. Hollywood stars such as Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Victoria Beckham have been on that program. Korean stars Rain (Jung Ji-hoon) and Jang Dong-gun were also guests before.

F4 (Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum, Kim Joon) and Gu Hye Sun will aslo meet with fans at Tokyo's JCB Hall at an official Japanese fan meeting. Pop groups SS501 and T-MAX will be performing songs from the original soundtrack at the event.

Gu Hye Sun (Geum Jan-di) going through customs at Gimpo Airport

Lee Min Ho (Gu Jun Pyo) dressed in all black armed
with a good book and juice for the short flight to Japan

Kim Hyun Joong (Yun Ji Hoo) looking scruffy and very much
like the leader of a pop idol group (SS501) - i like!

Kim Joon (Song Woo Bin) in his Abercrombie & Fitch tee
rushing to catch his flight

Last but not least Kim Bum ( So Yi Jung) - who's the most elusive,
there are hardly any good shots of him at the airport. Plus he looks tired.

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진혜인 said...

omg!!! Lee Min HO.. really look jun pyo style... soo cool... and Ji Hoo song bae... he is HOT...

Kim Joon like just wake up only >.<

Kim Bum too casual look already la... he should put more hair gel la... hahahhahhaha

my precious Geum Jan Di is always that cute.....

I really miss them alot

Guess what... BOF pirated CD is on sale in malaysia with english, malay and chinese subtitle... I am soo sweat!!! They are damn fast!!!

Thanks for sharing this news...

Tashna said...

Im so excited, I hope someone subs that SMAPxSMAP episode with them on it, its sure to be interesting!

Wawa said...

ahhh~~~ Minho totally rock with black!!!

hyun joong~~~ yesh! u r so damneeee hot in that looks of yours <3

junnie & bummie~~~ miss them :)

아이스Aiseu said...

hot & cool people!

Debbie said...

Kim Hyun Joong's hair color is different. I guess he dyed it back to his more original color. I miss BOF!!

Anonymous said...

HJ is a picture of hotness! But I really wished he had some good rest~ He looks so worn out in the pictures~~~

LMH looks like he's put on some pounds huh..?
The donuts he's been getting is making him rounder... ^^

jicks said...

I'm feeling what Tashna is saying! *prays for kind subber* SMAP & F4 in the same room... bring it on!!

min ho is hottt. plus he's a reader xD

hyun joong is looking thin but like you said, scruffy sexy- i like (alot) xP

kim bum must have a degree in ultimate preppy cuteness <3

kim joon is looking kinda buff- i like also xD

hye sun is super pretty as usual^^

Anonymous said...

they all really look exhausted except gu hye sun, she always has a bright smile :)

LMH looks all chubby :s much less sexy :(

Orchid said...

I've heard many mention in the forums that Lee Min Ho has put on some weight too. Except for his not so angular face (now) i don't see much of a difference. Anyway, he's no where near fat yet. hahaha...You guys are just really observant!! =)

As for KJH's hair colour...oh ya! He's changed it!!

Babyboss Pictures said...

Eh, I tot Flower Four (F4) is a boy group from Taiwan? The place where Vanness (Kangta & Vanness)came from.

Orchid said...

@Babyboss yes you are right. But that's the Taiwan F4. The Taiwanese boyband F4 was formed after the hit drama Meteor Garden (Taiwan version of Hana Yori Dango)..this one here...they are the KOREAN F4 - from the drama Boys Over Flowers (Korean version of the Hana Yori Dango). :-D

So now there's the Japanese F4, Taiwanese F4 and Korean F4.

Anonymous said...

They are all so beautiful. I want to go to Korea and date them!

~Aya Hu

Orchid said...

@spicySALSA & the rest who are interested in pics of the guys arriving in Japan.

I've posted them up on Facebook:

SpicySALSA said...

Thank u so much, Orchid~
I'll check them out tomorrow morning, using my friend's facebook account (Sorry, there's a couple of reasons why I don't join facebook...well, yet ^^)

For those who are in Japan:

BOF team's schedule in Japan

Apr. 15(Wed) 16:53-17:50pm TBS Sakasusang Live show
17:55-18:15pm (TBS Sakasu plaza, free mini event; planned )

Apr. 16(Thu) JCB Hall BOF official promo event
Lunch time open 13:30 Performance 14:20-
Night open 18:00 Performance 19:00-

SMAPXSMAP recording (airing date is not fixed)

F4+ GHS in Sakaseusang - TBS channel

Source: LMH Live Journal

estelgrace said...

Thanks! I love the pics!
Hye Sun looks stunning! ^^
And all the boys look LMH's juice and book, haha! Scruffy KHJ <3! Kim Bum and Kim Joon always lack pics, but the ones they do have are awesome!

You forgot to mention that TVXQ has been in SMAP X SMAP before as well ;)

Can't wait for more!

Orchid said...


Thanks for that YouTube link of BBF in Sakaseusang.

Watched it! A few comments:
* They all co-ordinate their dressing. White, grey and beidge. Very cute!

* Lee Min Ho didn't have curly hair (so he looks like regular Lee Min Ho instead of Gu Jun Pyo)

* Kim Hyun Joong looks great...but he was so shy when he had to say a few words in Japanese. =)

Stephanie said...

true, the manga originated from japan but don't forget the first drama version was from taiwan!

rEbEcca said...

i'm still in love with them! thanks for the news update Orchid! Jjang! said...

gooody good~
keep posting!

they all still look so charming eventho they looks tired... :D

SpicySALSA said...

About "SKS Sang Talk Show" video above:

The MCs and a transgender actress at the Jp show were shocked how good-looking F4s were and exclaimed that they were really handsome.

The transgender actress approached Hyun-joong and said he smelled very good.

The main MC asks how they feel in Japan and if there's someone who speaks Japanese.

Hyun-joong, (a member of SS501, who's been to Japan for live performances numerous times and who's already very popular in Japan) speaks in Japanese that he's very glad that so many fans came to the show.

The main MC points to the transgender actress (the light-brown haired girl) and asked HJ, "What do you think of her?"

and HJ, after hesitating for a while, murmured, "hmm...So so.." *LAUGHTER*

It was a very short (about 2 min?) appearance at the end of the talk show
but after the live show on the TV set, F4 and HyeSun had a lengthy meeting with the fans and an interview!

피지하신 said...

i kinda miss Junpyo's curly hair you know.
without it, minho looks so plain.

oh, loving my kim joon!!

감사합니다 for this entry!

jicks said...

Sure the first drama series originated from Taiwan (2000, 2001??) but the Japanese were actually the first to turn the story into live action- there was a Hana Yori Dango film made back in 1995 <3

Stephanie said...

haha thanks for clearing that up. when she said drama i assumed an actual tv drama and not a film. but cool info though.

Anonymous said...

Hye Sun can be so pretty. I wish she would do her hair differently than just letting her bangs fall into her face. C'mon. She's not JanDi anymore and can come out of that hairdo!

SpicySALSA said...

Today (April 17th), Popseoul wrote about 'SKS Sang talk show' and criticized about the fact that BOF appeared a very short time in the show and

overanalyzed and guessed that it's because Japan was not welcoming and dissing Korean version of BOF and stuff....

They quoted,
"...But, who really cares? To the Japanese producers of the show, obviously the adapted version of their own manga is not worth their time."

So I replied like this
(In order to 'reply', I had to join wordpress website, haha).

The FACT was that
F4 and Goo Hye Sun were late for the live talk show,
due to their hectic schedule on April 15th!

They arrived at the last min of the show.

So afterwards, another 30 min-portion of the talk show was shot, which will be airing in Japan soon.

Pls write about the ENTIRE truth on FACTS in your blog before dissing..

Related article

BOF’s promotional trip to Jp was very successful.

Yesterday all 4000 seats for the two meetings with BOF team + performances of SS501 (Hyun-Joong and Bum, also) were sold out,
although a ticket cost about 120~140 US dollars!

Each event took two & a half hrs.

According to about 8 articles I’ve read today from the Korean Internet source, there was endless laughter and admiration from the audience - Jap fans went nuts about those eye candies (including SS501)!

Orchid said...

@spicySALSA You read Korean?

Hey thanks for sharing that with us. =)

SpicySALSA said...

Yeah, I can read Korean ^^.
Check these out and have a good one!

Some photos of Japanese fans lining up for the event, F4 + HS, SS501 performances, etc.

SpicySALSA said...

As for the event pics from,
pls scroll down to view the photos and article!


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