Friday, 10 April 2009

Hugh Jackman & Daniel Henney Seoul Press Conference

Two X-men heartthrobs landed on Korean soil...
Daniel Henney(left) & Hugh Jackman at the press conference on April 10

Here are some fan-tabulous pics of X-Men Origins: Wolverine heartthrobs Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) and Daniel Henney (Agent Zero) at a press conference in Seoul on April 10. The press conference was held at a beautiful Korean courtyard at 11:30am this morning.

Later tonight, Jackman and Henney are scheduled to appear at another press conference at Cheonggye Plaza at 7:30pm. They will also attend a series of red carpet events and hand-printing event.

The movie will be released on April 30 worldwide.

More pics after the jump...

I'm hot, but I want hair like THAT!

In a recent promo event, Hugh Jackman expressed that he's heart broken over the leaking of his new film on the Internet a month before it's official release. Jackman was speaking to around 600 fans and media at Sydney Harbour's Cockatoo Island.

Well readers, i will definitely be waiting till the movie is officially released and view the completed version on the huge screen. What about you?

Pics credit: Newsen, Osen

X-men Wolverine actors on a day out in Seoul
Hugh Jackman goes to Seoul, Korea
Daniel Henney & Hugh Jackman to promote movie in Korea
Daniel Henney in X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailer
Daniel Henney becomes a mutant for X-Men


Anonymous said...

damn ... both of them together?? hotness hotness hotness

Liz said...

Can I move to Seoul just for today?

Rooster said...

Oh Hugh! Whisk me away!

Haha, I imagine the guys on K-popped today are doing some serious eye-rolling.

Wawa said...

geesh... can't wait for the movie!

z said...

They're looking good and I want to watch the movie, like now. :0

alchocoholic said...

Lol @Rooster... yeah, and I bet a lot of guys are saying "They're not that goodlooking!"

Anyways, Hugh Jackman isn't People's Sexiest Man alive for nothing, he's yummy and gorgeous! And I bet after the movie's released, daniel henney will make it onto the list as well (if he's not already on it!)

HJ + DH = Yummy x 10000000


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