Saturday, 11 April 2009

Lee Jun Ki teases with Cyber Oriental J Style

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AS the date to Lee Jun Ki's Episode 2 concert on April 18 approaches the Time of Dog and Wolf star has released a teaser video with a Cyber Oriental (사이버 오리엔탈) concept.

The teaser video has been praised for impressive depth of colour, magnificent sound and of course an explosive introduction for Lee Jun Ki's new song J Style (제이 스타일).

The music video's director Kam Duk Eun said, "Lee Jun Ki has plenty of qualities as a trend setter and is expected to move up the popularity ranks in future."

I must say the video quality is impressive and looks almost like a movie trailer.

Click to view the video!

Source: Osen


Anonymous said...

LEE JUN-KI, at last !

Anonymous said...

Looks like scenes from Obsession, by G.O.D.

(G.O.D. being "Grove OverDose" an old KPOP group)

Vic in Long Beach, CA

selva said...

Lee Jun Ki, my new infatuation <3333
saw the MV, and OMG is that hot or what!!! I love the concept, the costumes and the make-up. The song sounds great too with that beat <33
can't wait to watch the whole concert.
By the way Orchid, are you a fan of Lee Jun Ki?! If you're not, then you definitely gotta watch him especially in The King and The Clown and Time Of Dog And Wolf cause these are the things that made me love him :) such an amazing actor.

Orchid said...

@selva, i haven't seen both those dramas, but have heard lots of good things about it.

Anonymous said...

King and the Clown introduced me to Lee Jun-Ki. I've loved him ever since!

JStyle (though I'm not crazy about the name) is a remarkable view into how he's matured into a VERY innovative entertainer! Move over, RAIN, because you've got some competition!!

Lee Jun-Ki FTW!

z said...

Agreed! Lee Jun Ki at last! He's so amazing! That teaser MV looks so cool and woow, the song sounds high-tech, eey! :D


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