Saturday, 18 April 2009

Kim Kang-woo checks out Park Shi-yeon’s boobs

Hey, we don’t make these things up. A picture paints a thousand words so check out the pic below!

Sneak peek: Kim Kang-woo (right) does something naughty while
Park Shi-yeon smiles for the camera. Park Yong-ha's (left) happy for
his friend.

Kim Kang-woo (Marine Boy) sneaks a peek at co-star Park Shi-yeon’s boobs while the pair was promoting their latest KBS drama Story of a Man on April 17. Kim and Park were even co-stars in Marine Boy! Well, aren't they "friendly" ;-).

The drama, which comes on every Monday and Tuesday (in South Korea), also co-stars Park Yong-ha.

The drama revolves around Kim Shin (Park Yong-ha) who once had it all. A scam ruined his life so he goes all out to seek revenge. Park Shi-yeon plays his loyal girlfriend while Kim Kang-woo portrays the baddie.

Story of a Man is on the KBS network so that means we Malaysians will be able to watch this too – whoo hoo!

Source: Newsen


I Love Boobies said...

At a boy, Kim. Now you've become a real man.

marcel said...

ahahaha it could be just an unfortunate angle...i'm sure he's a gentleman!

Danny Foo said...

Real or not, real or not!


By the way, looking forward to see the K-Poppers at AMBP gathering.

sarah said...

i am watching this now. so far its super good. damn intense XD ..killer ! daeeebak!

Bina said...

reporters take so many pictures & maybe for a tad second he looked that way ...& BOOM! captured...i think its unfortunate, i feel embarrassed for him...but can' help but laugh... hahahaaaaa

selva said...

reminds me of Song Il Kook's picture looking at Jang Jin Young's boob during their lobbyist press conference LMAO

fraulein said...

It takes over the slot vacated by BOF, right ?

Lizzie-chan said...

He's not looking at the boobs i think. look closely, it looks like he got a textmessage and hid it behind her. well, don't mind my opinion. :D

silverchainsaw said...

ROFL niceee
i laughed so hard at this XD
bad timingg XD

John said...

He's not checking out her boobs (probably). First, he knows people are taking photos so he wouldn't think of doing that. Second, he's already seen them and much more since he had taht sex seen with Park Shi Yeon in Marine Boy.


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