Sunday, 19 April 2009

Lee Jun-ki in EPISODE 2: The Mask

The masked one - Lee Jun Ki puts on an
elaborate show for his fans

Normally, at fan meetings, the celebrity will interact with fans by playing a couple of games, maybe even celebrate a birthday and sing a couple of songs. But uh-uh...not for Lee Jun-ki! He decides to give them a mini concert -- which turned out to be more elaborate than some large scale concerts!

Check out the pics below of Lee Jun Ki's fan meeting #2 aptly called Episode 2: The Mask . It was held on 18 April, 7pm at Seoul's Olympic Park Fencing Stadium.

The grateful audience were made up of 4000 strong fans from Korea, Japan, China and other parts of Southeast Asia.

A fan meeting with a difference...

The four songs that Lee performed will be released into a single album. Buy the single and you will get to hear Lee Jun-ki's new song J-Style. A music video like no other was also released, entitled Cyber Oriental. Lots of work and preparation went into this fan meeting cum concert. Lee put a lot of his heart into this project.

Oh yes, i heart my fans. Only the best for them!

Source & pics credit: Newsen


I Heart Boobies said...

First time I saw Lee Jun Ki was in the Japanese movie The Hotel Venus. He's a good actor. I didn't know he's a musician now.

selva said...

YES JunKi hearts us =P
he puts lot of effort in all of his work so I really wish him more success and happiness in his life ^^
I heard all of the album and it's really nice. He doesn't have the greatest voice ever but kinda a voice you like to listen to, and his song J Style is cool too, but I almost can hear people saying: "MAN it's the same as Rainism!" although I didn't find them that simillar! maybe because of some of the English sentences he used in the some parts in the song!!

Anonymous said...

dont know what so good about him!! overrated!

|| Lyññ || said...

Lee Jun Ki is soooo cool! I love his acting... He's not overrated...
Ooo... Kim So Eun will be in a drama broadcasted by our most fave channel KBS!! It's called The Man Who Can't Get Married... Can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

He's not overrated. He's an accomplished actor. The number 4,000 only consists of his overseas fans. His fan meeting caters for 8,000 seats and its sold out.

Anonymous said...

yeah, i agree with those who say that lee jun-ki is not overrated. he's one of the better actors out there ... he doesn't just rely on his looks to get him roles, although that face is to die for! :o)

wish i could see 'episode 2' in person!

and don't compare him to rain, either. jun-ki far surpasses him, imho. jun-ki ftw!


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