Sunday, 5 April 2009

Lee Da-hae does Star Photo

East of Eden actress Lee Da-hae jetted off to Las Vegas for a photoshoot for Star Photo. The lovely 25-year-old struck poses at the Nevada desert as well as the Bellagio Hotel.

Thumb a ride: Anyone wants to give
Da-hae a lift?

Lee Da-hae stands 170cm and weighs 47kg. She speaks English pretty well since she went to high school in Sydney.

The following pictures, which is named the Chameleon (카멜레온) collection, can only be downloaded through SK Telecom, South Korea.

Overdressed: 'Sigh, all dressed up with
nowhere to go...'

Cover up: 'Geez, the sun's ruthless...I need extra BB Cream to cover up
these sun spots.'

Gamble: 'Wanna go for dinner and to a casino later?'

Paint the town red: 'Time to partay!'

Source: Hankooki

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Anonymous said...

is she the one from 'my girl'??
and is it just me or does her face look a bit awkward in the shoots??
but no doubt her lean legs are hot=)

Anonymous said...

well, i guess she's not as innocent and pure as i thought.. so not joo yoo rin in my girl.

Anonymous said...

Wow, she's so tall and skinny! I thought at that height and weight you're kinda anorexic but she looks great! Looks very healthy :D so hot

ana said...

i'm sorry but i really dont like her atall..
moreover, she's too skinny and skeleton to be hot. not to mentioned her thick padded pushup bra..

missironic said...

She's getting thinner as I see her.. I remembered the first time i saw her in green rose was so different.. the last I saw her was in Hello! Miss and that also I see her much thinner.. and now...hmm..must b korean trend to get thinner too...

Anyway, I still like her! Just hope she dun bcome so stick thin like victoria beckham enough already. hahaha...


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