Thursday, 30 April 2009

Lee Min Ho buys a Mercedes-Benz CLS 350

Min-ho sshi, i want a ride in your new car please...

If you were one of Korea's hottest stars at the moment, what car would you buy yourself? Well, if you were Lee Min Ho (22), you'd go get yourself a Mercedes-Benz CLS 350!

The Boys Before Flowers star who leaped into super stardom with his role as F4 leader Gu Jun-pyo, bought himself a spanking new Merc. Reports say that he walked into a store in Seoul last week, and bought the car on the spot!

The price of his new car? 100 million won (approx USD75,000 / MYR267,000).

Sources: AsiaToday, ibTimes

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ridhwan joker13 said...

Thats so cheap! over that car cost rm400k recond! 700k for new...bloody AP tax.

Anonymous said...

Um... C stands for Cheap Class. Wasnt he getting 50k an episode or something? Isnt there something classier he can drive?

Anonymous said...

Well people have to consider there is a difference between making money and having money. He could be banking like crazy but pay that and more in taxes and fees to his agency, manager, lawyer,etc.

Nevertheless 75,000 isn't chump change and for him to just go in the dealership and buy it on the spot is not shabby.

I Heart Boobies said...

So what if he drives a C class? How many of you blue collars can even afford a BMW? Most of you guys probably drive a Civic your parents bought you so quit criticizing him for not spending more money. It's his EARNED money, he can spend it any way he wants.

Anonymous said...

Mercedes is one of the world's top brand anyway, why waste a lot of $$$ on toys, when he still can enjoy other things as well...

fame can just dissapear in a few years time, so u need all the $$$ you have to enjoy after that fame has faded...:P

anyway, give the boy a break.. he deserve to spend his hard-earned money without fans criticizing him

Maybe now Mercedes will ask him to do their commercials?? who knows .. heee

Anonymous said...

they are jealous because lee min ho can buy that they called it cheap class

Anonymous said...

why is he not allowed to buy something for himself?that was i'm doing if i become a successful actor..maybe this is the way lee min ho enjoy his "earned money"..

Biscuit said...

He can buy whatever he feels he likes.

yokee 요키 said...

미노야 잘 했으유~

진혜인 said...

He deserve it~~~

After soo hardwork and with that much of money... I DEFINATELY BUY IT!!!!

PAY CASH.. cool idea

thanks for sharing it ^^

jess said...

Darn, he would look good behind the wheel of a Benz!!! Minho-ya saranghaeyo!! ♥

Anonymous said...

Who says 50k per episode? I thought new stars get paid peanuts for dramas. And Lee Minho is a new comer.

Anonymous said...

for Lee Min Ho, as an ordinary person (not from wealth family) and new comer... bought mercs.. its sumthin achievable... sum ppl need to work few years than can get mercs..

Doris said...

so cheap, that will cost 3 times more in singapore

Anonymous said...

Black M Benz~
Man, it's sooo cool!

He really seems to be into 'black' color
(in an interview, he said his fave colors were black and grey).

Just for fun..hehe

Favorite Color Personlaity!

Black: Dignified and impressive without being showy,
Black people want to give the appearance of mystery,
but their preference may also indicate a suppression of desires and worldly aims, suggesting hidden depths and inner longings.

Gray: The color of caution and compromise, diligent Grays search for composure and peace and often work hard without reward.
Older Grays like life to run on an even keel with few ups and downs. Young Grays may be withdrawing from life and suppressing their personalities.
Grays often have good business ability and tend to work too much.


New videos just out yesterday:

A Jap program introducing 'F4 + Jandi fan meeting in Japan'

Fan-cams of Minho shooting Etude CF on Huahin Beach
(Aren't those swim pants MH's wearing the one he wore at NM Beach strip scene in front of Jandi?? Just so familiar~)

Credit: Soompi

iris said...

Who cares whether its mercs o kancil:P As long as he's cute. Muhaha Thats what matters most..

Anonymous said...

mercedez benz is the classic luxury brand. I dont noe what u ppl think of this brand but hey it's still mercedez! It's expensive and classy. in my opinion he spends money wisely 'cause who knows what's going to happen in the future, what if he cant earn money as much as he does now.
Ppl just stick to his Gu Jupyo's image so ppl think he could drive sth more expensive!

Anonymous said...

He is really deserved to get a new car he works really hard for it. I think we all deserve to treat special our self we only lived once. Many people works in the farm or factory they have their own car why can Lee min ho have one. Some people when they don’t have money they talk bad about the people. He has money let him enjoy and buy what he wants!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! One successful drama and the first thing he does is buy himself a Merc! Must be his dream to own one but I would have thought that he would be more prudent and sensible as far as spending money is concerned. Besides, one cannot foresee on what the future brings. BOF might have been an exception and the succeeding won't be as successful. My thoughts entirely.

Anonymous said...

That's the main reason I admire someone like Kim Hyun Joong. He is a pop idol and he himself & his group SS501 is well loved by many not only in Korea but in many other places and yet he has his foot firmly on the ground. He loves his fans to bits and does a lot for them in return for all their support.

TurnedOut2bRumor said...

According to today's news, turned out LMH didn't buy the car.

He was said to be shocked to hear the rumor while he was working in Sydney.

He just looked around the shop and showed interest in the black MB

...but thinking about bad economy and stuff, he decided not to purchase it!

Anonymous said...

oh come's his money. If he wants to buy a car. so be it. at least he is not doing drugs or anything bad. He worked hard for his $


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