Thursday, 30 April 2009

MANGO opens flagship store in Seoul

Singer Seo In Young at the opening of MANGO's flagship store,
wearing a cute jumpsuit from MANGO's 2009 Summer Woman’s Collection

Spanish brand MANGO (망고) opened it's flagship store in Myeongdong, Seoul on April 29. Well, we've had this brand on our shores for years but i have been told that they didn't have it in Seoul...well, they do now!

Other stars who attended the opening ceremony were Kim Min-hee (Love & Marriage), Lee So-yeon and Park Sul-mi.

Source: Newsen


Anonymous said...

looks like SIY's nose swelled down.

진혜인 said...

SIY do her nose again... gosh!! aren't she afraid of knifes????

Wawa said...

MNG!!!i love MNG...:)

Anonymous said...

we have mango since 2001 in korea but their strategy is totally changed. typically smallish store in department stores to running their own flagship store that has huge space.

Syn said...

SIY is a lovely girl. However, I must agree that so many "re-touches" to her face can not be healthy in such a short amount of time. Will this affect her Cover Girl contract I wonder.


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