Monday, 20 April 2009

Lee Min Ho cool in Levi's but sickeningly sweet in Etude House

Wanna spend a lazy day at the beach with me?

After returning from a Boys Before Flowers promotional trip to Japan, Lee Min Ho jumped right back to work. First up was a CF shoot for Levi Strauss at a beach front location. Min-ho and model Mun Chae Won donned the denim brand's casual line "Signature" for Summer 2009. The concept for the photo shoot was "breezy travel" featuring comfortable clothing such as t-shirts and cargo pants.

Now i want one of those Levi's polo tees with a giant star printed on it!

Lee Min Ho looks uber cute and relaxed in these pictures...

Oh is that Liz i see frolicking on the beach?

On to yet another bit of news on LMH... Etude House's CF is out!

Lee Min Ho gives a killer wink in the Etude House CF

They say real men wear pink but that baby pink jacket and fluff toy cat (My-cat) on Lee Min Ho's shoulder is a wee bit too pansy for me. Not to mention he's obviously wearing Etude House's pink lipstick - in a shade even I wouldn't go near! Ewww....hahaha.

Lee Min Ho and fellow Etude House model Park Shin Hye appears in this 30s commercial feature called 'My Girl TV-CF' which was shot in Thailand. Although i don't understand why they needed to fly all the way to Thailand to film this. There are no tropical Thai elements in the CF. At least not that i can see.

This new CF will be broadcast via Korea's cable TV and 25 of Korea's Internet sites.

On May 1st, a special limited edition Lee Min Ho autographed My Girl compact will be available at Etude House outlets (in Korea!).

CF sugar level - EXTREMELY SWEET - not suitable for diabetics and Lee Min Ho non-enthusiasts. Watch at your own risk!

Sources: Osen, Breaknews

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Ji-enne said...


but still, Yeah ♥

z said...

I dunno why, but that CF was quite funny to me, especially watching it without sound. :P

아이스Aiseu said...

aiseh! so cute!

Anonymous said...

OH.MY.GOD. I'm going to head off to 1Utama RIGHT NOW.

Anonymous said...

suprisingly i realized that my make up stuff are mostly from korea..
correct me if i'm wrong..
there's skin food, the face shop and etude house..
they really produce good stuff..
plus the colours are all natural!!
lee min ho is super hot!!!

Orchid said...

Yes there's an Etude House at 1Utama! The garish packaging at Etude House turned me off initially, but i am using one of their toners now, and it's not bad.

@anonymous...while you are there, ask the sales girls if they will bring in the Limited Edition Lee Min Ho autographed My Girl compact!!! I bet that'll sell like hot cakes if it makes it to our shores.

Anonymous said...


Biscuit said...

I loved this photo shoot (the others did no justice to his face)!

@Ji-enne: Ahh yeah, I'm still stuck with him and his Jun Pyo image (Like how when we see Kim Sun Ah we think of Sam-Soon.)

Anonymous said...

Oy, the multi-talented, multi-faceted Lee Min-ho....from eyeliner and beer to pink jackets and lipstick.

But those Levi's pictures are great!

daisyj said...

@anonymous Agree those Levi's pics rock!

auDrey said...

lol...the 1st pic kinda reminds me of cutie Won Bin...

Anonymous said...

Well at least it's better than his alcoholic drink CF.

Sorry I hated the guyliner/slicked back ponytail. He looks way hotter in Etude House than that <3

Also those pics from Etude House were damn cute mmmk.

SpicySALSA! said...

Sickingly sweet? Haha~
Yeah, Minho's VERY versatile.

The dude must be very tired -- After coming back to Korea from his promotional trip to Jp, he's been to fan meetings, ads shooting and Pepsi Nex Coke Launching Party..

Check these out ^^: He's sooo cute, cool and hot!!

Lee Min Ho - Pepsi Nex Launching Party yesterday

April 18, interview with KBS Entertainment Weekly

I hope the following news I read from somewhere is true - this is what I've been waiting for since March 31!!

(BOF Special Edition on April 28th)

>>The Boys Over Flowers story is set to continue on April 28th with a special edition.
The story continues with the F4 five years later.

Goo Jun Pyo's fro isn't as curly and there's no sign of leading lady Geum Jandi.

While Kim Hyun Joong is there as Ji Hoo sunbae, his scenes are from the drama when he had longer hair.

It is set to be a music drama, an extended music video?

Netizens are grateful for the cast putting together something like this during their busy schedules.

The video appeared on a Naver blog user Planet905, which looks like Kim Joon/T-Max's representative company.

It will be nice to see what the Shinhwa School alumni have been up to five years down the road.<<
(video credit: cinderella1511)

Jinny said...

Wow, (nosebleeding) HOTNESS overload! Go, Minho, go!!

Etude is popular among youngsters in Thailand 'coz the Princess in Thailand uses Etude lotions.
As for me, I luuurve Etude's 'Bikara' mascara (that makes my eyes appear huuuge and sultry) and blushers there.
I hope Lee Min Ho will come to Etude in Kuala Lumpur some time.:))

Anonymous said...

Hey, they didn't shoot the Etude House CF in Thailand. This one was shot in Korea. The Thai one has not been shown to the public yet. I think it is for the summer.

HK is love said...

I've bought etude blusher and make up remover last week...hmmmm........I bought it purely just because of LMH influence...hahah...but, it turns out not bad....the price also very affordable.....LMH...GJP..Bogoshipoyo...

ilfiyantri said...

minho looks strange in this CF....


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