Monday, 20 April 2009

Yoon Eun-hye’s torrid love affair

In my bed: YEH (right) snuggles up to Lee Yong-woo

Relax, it’s just for W magazine’s fashion spread.

Everyone’s Coffee Prince darling gets down and dirty with male model Lee Yong-woo for some seriously hawt poses for the fashion glossy. The pair depicts lovers for the photoshoot, and the pics are pretty raunchy.

It is reported that YEH and Lee were rather shy during the shoot. However, as it progressed, the duo decided to be professional about it. The…er, "professionally sexy" (ha ha) pics reveal that there is much chemistry between them.

Grab a copy of W Korea (May 2009 issue) if you want the pics for keeps ;-).

Share a tub: Just doing their part in saving Mother Earth

Liplock: *Smoooch*

Wine & dine: Just hangin'

Exhausted: It's hard work romping around with a
hunk...but hey, someone's gotta do it

Source: Newsen

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selva said...

o.O WTH?! that's weird!!!!! but I'm not complaining cause both look hawt!

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

If Yong-woo is a little tired, I volunteer to sit in for him. I give YEH permission to romp with me, any time she wishes!!

Anonymous said...

there's more dayum!

the girl is versatile!

pammy said...

I was a bit shocked when I saw the pics. But YEH is pure hotness as usual!

Anonymous said...

OMG thy look sooo hot! I absolutely adore her :)

euphoria said...

She looks foxy not slutty!

BRADY said...

She can come to seduce me anytime!

i think I'll hang these in my room.

monique said...

J'adore YEH!
Elle est trés jolie<3

Anonymous said...

OH NO! She's turned into a skank!
This is far from classy....more like soft porn!

Anonymous said...

^whatever dude your the same ahole who went to allkpop, seoulbeats and popseoul who spread the smear campaign about YEH.
I also know who your favorite celebrity is, which is why you are so anti YEH because your idol and YEH always compete on the same poll.
You seriously need to grow up!

missglasses said...

I like her especially in PH, but yucks, don't know why but this time I hate her shots

sittieayeshaamer said...

love it so hot really yoon eun hye a true actress.....


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