Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Lee Min Ho serves free coffee & donuts

Would you like coffee, tea or me?

If you are wondering where and what was your favourite Flower Boy (꽃남) Lee Min Ho doing at 10am this morning, wonder no more! He was at the Coffee Free Day event organized by Dunkin' Donuts.

Lee, who is a spokesperson for Dunkin Donuts was at the charity event to raise funds for an NGO to help poor children.

Lee arrived bright an early dressed in a striped shirt, check vest and white pants flashing his now famous smile and served coffee to eager customers.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho just returned from an overseas CF filming trip in Thailand. He was there to shoot a commercial feature (CF) for Etude House. Lee will also be going to Japan (April 15) with the rest of the Boys Before Flowers main cast to promote the drama there. BBF premiered in Japan on April 12.

Source: Newsen

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daisyj said...

He's wearing a Gu Jun Pyo ring! I love it.

Anonymous said...

whoaa! I love coffee!!! I wish I was in Korea to take some dozens of free coffee (and lee Min Ho serving me the coffee would be a bonus =P )
no news about this boy getting cast in a new drama or movie soon?!!

Anonymous said...

i want coffee + lee min ho, please.
or, would be better if kim joon is the one serving it.
[hehehehe.. i love u-bin better than the rest of f4..]

Wawa said...

i don't like/drink coffee but i don't mind if Minho is serving it :P

kpopfsho said...

is it just me, or is minho getting less and less attractive?

shannen said...

i'll take Lee Min Ho over coffee and tea any time :D

Anonymous said...

Maybe the some of the accessories that he wears on BOF are actually his own! I recognise that ring. Lol.

Yumeko said...

i bought a ticket to see him and the rest at the event in japan on the 16th at jcb hall
will tell u guys how it goes!

아이스Aiseu said...

he gets a bit chubbier at the cheeks there...isn't it? lol.

Orchid said...

@Yumeko...yes, please do!
@kpopfsho yeah i think it's just you :-P

Biscuit said...

@kpopfsho: It's not just you XD

I think it's because of pama gone TT____TT

Oh the power of THE PERM.

(meheheh, maybe I just like Goo Jun Pyo over Lee Min Hyo >.>)

Tashna said...

wah! Im so jealous I wish I was there =(

Orchid said...

About the Gu Jun Pyo ring he's wearing...i think it's more likely that he liked the ring and got to keep it after the drama wrapped. That's my guess. If the stars like the clothes or accessories they wear at fashion shoots, sometimes they get to keep it. Lucky people!

SpicySALSA said...

>>kpopfsho said...
is it just me, or is minho getting less and less attractive?<<

Ha, it's just you! Or you are just into a bad guy like Goo Jun Pyo who hardly ever smiled...LOL ^^

Actually, Minho is a good guy; those who actually saw him in Thailnd a few days ago quoted, "He's 'very very handsome, tall and very slender' and has 'really beautiful eyes' and a 'mesmerizing smile'." and
a white man who happened to be at the Thai airport also said Lee Minho was extremely good-looking.

I heard he MIGHT come to Singapore at the end of April. (but not 100% confirmed)
Let's pray he will come to Singapore!!

The following is LMH's schedule. Gosh, he seems soooo busy!

* After Japan BOF promo LMH will fly to Sydney, Australia to shoot magazine photos from Apr. 23, 4 days and 3 nights.

*At the end of Apr. plan to shoot in Singapore and in London.(changeable)

*End of May or early June, BOF promo, will visit Taiwan and China(changeable)

On Apr.19, will have fan sign meeting at Ulsan, Levi Signature.

Australian, Singapore, London , Taiwan, and Chinese fans, you guys can see LMH.

Source : mirca @ LMH soompi thread

Orchid said...

@spicySALSA you can be our official Lee Min Ho informant! :-D

SpicySALSA said...

Haha, just wanna share the news with ya guys:)

I get tons of info about LMH and BOF cast from YOU - Wow, thanks a bunch for the hottest photos of BOF team leaving for Japan this morning!!!

Wawa said...

arghhhhhh~~~ when they gonna come to malaysia!!!!

SpicySALSA said...

I know...we could all write to 'Korean Plaza' or 'Korean Tour Org' to invite F4 or at least Minho to Malaysia?! ^^
As far as I know,they are quite influential.

Also, in case his visit to Singapore gets confirmed, we Malaysian residers can easily go to Singapore by air, by train or bus!

There are low budget airlines such as Air Asia or Jetstar:) CHEERS~

Orchid said...

He was recently in Thailand...that's pretty close too. But of course at that time it wasn't very safe to travel to Bangkok.

SpicySALSA said...

Yeah, am happy that Minho went back to Korea safe and sound~

I also really hope he will come to Malaysia!!

I'm determined to write to the above-mentioned orgnizations:) If there are a lot of fans in Malaysia who are eager to see him, he mihgt come..

SpicySALSA said...

Here's an intriguing collection of photos, in which Minho serves fans free coffee!


Look how mesmerized all the girls are when Minho looked deeply into their eyes and served them coffee! HAHA

Many Koreans said LMH looks much better in person than on TV.
Can't imagine he could look even better..

He's like...even made DUDES' HEARTS flutter at the free coffee event!! (Some guys confessed.)

Notice in da 6th photo, when a girl wanted to shake hands with him, he held the girl's BOTH HANDS?!o_O
LUcky gal - Am sure she didn't wash her hands that night.


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