Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Yoon Eun Hye makes a comeback in drama Lady Castle

Yoon Eun Hye (Coffee Prince, Goong) announced that she will make a comeback after 2 years with the drama Lady Castle (레이디캐슬). It has been two long years since we've seen Yoon in a drama. Her last big hit was Coffee Prince in 2007.

Although Yoon Eun Hye had agreed to work on Lady Castle last year, the production of the drama was delayed due to a ban from the Drama Production Company Association on Lee Kim Productions (the production house working on the drama). Lee Kim Productions and actor Park Shin-yang (Lovers in Paris) were banned when both parties were involved in a salary tussle. But all that has been ironed out since April 6 and production will resume. The rest of the casting for Lady Castle is still in progress.

The drama is a romantic comedy where Yoon Eun Hye plays the second daughter to a wealthy man who leaves his inheritance to his three daughters. Romance comes in the form of a poor man who enters the household with an eye on the families' riches. Yoon Eun Hye plays Noh Yura, who possesses incomparable beauty, appears stand-offish and stubborn yet deep down, she's lonely and longs to be loved. Will romance ensue? What am i saying...this is a Korean drama, of course it will!

The writer for Lady Castle is Yun Eun Kyeong - Kim Eun Hui duo who brought us Winter Sonata and Sweet 18. Ji Yeong Su will be the PD (Producer Director).

Lady Castle will start airing late 2009.

Sources: hkn24.com, AllKpop

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Wawa said...

weee... YEH is back with a new drama! i really miss her in small screen! hopefully lady castle will be a great drama for her... and i'm eager to know who will she pairing with :)

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait.
I love all YEH dramas. I also heard that this will be kinda like a Korean Gossip Girls.

amktsy said...

seriously saying,not excited.

Leah said...

I am seriously sooooo excited!!!
I wonder who'll b her partner. I hope it's someone hot.
YEH's dramas are all good so this is something for me to look forward too again.

Tashna said...

awesome Im so excited!!! I missed her so much! I heard Kang dong wong is also in the drama <3

pammy said...

I am jumping for joy right now. I have patiently waited for her return for 2 years so I am overjoyed.

Here's some extra info on the PD and writers-

Ji Yong Soo (KBS PD) -
Flowers for my Life (CTH), Hello God (YG), Oh Pilseung BSG (AJW, CL)

Yun Eun Hyung, Kim Eun Hee (Script Writers) -
When its at Night (LDG, KSA), Snow Queen (HB, SYR), Winter Sonata (BYJ, CJW), Sweet 16 (LDG, HJH)

Yoon Eun Kyung also wrote:
- Love So Divine
- Wolf's temptatioin
- Summer Scent (along with Kim Eun Hee)

the script writers have an obsession with casting Hallyu stars, or budding Hallyu stars..

from soompi

Anonymous said...

nice.. =D

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to watch it! I love all of her dramas, and of course her :)

Orchid said...

@pammy hey thanks for the extra info on the writers and PD!

Orchid said...

I am actually very surprised about Yoon Eun Hye's Hallyu Star Power. She has been not in a drama or movie for the past 2 years...only appearing as a model in magazines and some fashion spreads, yet, her profile is one of the highest hit on our blog! Not only the guys like her, but the gals too...

With this Star Power in mind, it's no doubt that all the 3 Korean broadcasting station is vying for rights for this drama. KBS, SBS and MBC!

Anonymous said...

oh,YEH is my all time fav actress. and orchid-sshi,yes, i'm a girl.. lol.

i like her acting so much. especially in goong and coffee prince.just seems so real!

YEH, 파이팅!!

pammy said...

thanks to you Orchid.

I think I actually started liking YEH after I heard so many good things regarding her personality. I've read so much good comments about her from fans, PD's and her co-workers. But I began to really like her after I learned regarding her career history.

These videos actually pretty much sums out why her fans male and female are so devoted to her:



^ those videos are also the reason why I just roll my eyes when jealous antis say she's overrated and tht she became an overnight star...obviously they dont know how long she's worked to achieve her A list status.

marcel said...

hmmm...@ 1st i heard the title 'lady castle' & thought the drama would be cheesy :p but i'm still curious to see how YEH will play her role in it...not familiar with the writers, but i enjoyed 'flowers for my life' a lot, so i'm hoping it will be good!

i'm prob neither fan nor anti-fan of YEH, i'm a lady btw...but i think it's silly to hate on celebrities for achieving overnight status...that's how it works in the biz! & you never know how they really are in real life ;)

Anonymous said...

love her both in Coffee Prince and Goong (reminds me that she should have ended up with Prince Yul rather than the stiff CP... this also reminds me of BBF's Jandi who is suppose to end up with Jihoo.. ahha)

Get Hyun Bin to be the star opposite her.. LOL.. the both look good in the clothes promo - Basic House, was it..


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