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Lee Min Ho's digital single - Cass Beer CF

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Lee Min Ho becomes Jessica Gomez's toyboy in the MV

Thanks to the little detectives we have reading this blog, here's the FULL version of Lee Min Ho's digital single / Cass Beer CF MV.

The MV is directed by Cha Eun-taek (the man who did Lee Hyori's 'U Go Girl' video) and Lee Min Ho (Boys Before Flowers) actually sings the song in the MV. The song was written by Park Geun-tae.

In the video Lee Min Ho plays a guy who meets a super hot chick (Australian model Jessica Gomez) at a club. They have a short exchange and share a bottle of ... what else...CASS BEER.

Later, they adjourn to Jessica's home and play dress up and Lee Min Ho ends up performing at Jessica's concert. She seduces him and he becomes her toyboy.

At the end of the video, Lee Min Ho wakes up and decides that he does not want to be a part of Jesicca's world anymore...and decides to leave her. The End.

MV Stills for you. Click on the thumbnail for a larger, clearer view of Lee Min Ho ;-)

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Wawa said...

the screen caps, :P!!! i think it was such a great MV for a CF... seriously, it was totally different from his character in BBF which i really love the transformation...

hey fans! i'm not GOO JUN PYO! look at me closely, i'm the one and only LEE MIN HO!!! hahaha <3

Anonymous said...

man he looks so stiff on the dance floor.

SpicySALSA said...

Oolala~ Hot, hoOot, hooOoot!!
The full CF was just out today in Korea and everyone's talking bout it now...

One article said LMH and JG look "painfully sexxxy" and "too hot to handle" in the mv, haha

Can't wait for his Etude CF and Pepsi CF!! **^^**

daisyj said...

Lee Min Ho's so sexy. Glad to see this other side of him. Although he did rock the GU JUN PYO perm!

nanienooraini said...

min ho's abs don't look manly at all! in fact, with all the makeup on, he looks like a woman!!!

-MiNt- said...

Min ho so sexy!!!
can't get enough of him!!ahahhaa.

아이스Aiseu said...

He sings!

Anonymous said...

I love his voice. :x OMg. That's so different and i love the transformation dude! That's totally cool! Lee Min ho is so hot than Gu Jun Pyo. :x Well anyway, dance more gracefully. :) What do you mean by CF?

jicks said...

I have 3 feelings after watching this:

1. Lee Min Ho is hot in eyeliner
2. Can't stand Jessica Gomez but the gal is really a total stunner
3. Call me crazy but I feel like Jan Di is being cheated on! lol xP

izza lemonade said...

he looks extremely hot here.i'm melting.haha

Anonymous said...

@ jicks
>>3. Call me crazy but I feel like Jan Di is being cheated on! lol xP<<

LOL! I know...The only person I wouldn't feel jealous with Minho would be Goo Hye Sun (Jandi), hehe

Anonymous said...

>>What do you mean by CF?<<

CF stands for "Commercial Film."
Hope this helped~:)

chajjye said...

interesting. in seoulbeats everyone hated it. here ppl are loving it. hmm.

Anonymous said...

LMH looks style and dance moves are very similar to Big Bang. Even the dance moves in the mv is from Seungri. Makeup is like TOP. Funny.

I love love him in BOFF! Hot. Jessica Gomes overrated but I guess she is the only one they can get. Even if she isn't Korean.

Anonymous said...

starting at 0:43-ish, the beat kinda reminds me of sexy back...iunno, but it does...

Anonymous said...

For a first timer doing a dance and song, he rocks the CF!!

SpicySALSA said...

Arrrrrgh, for those who are in Thailand (or who wants to fly to Thailand to see Minho ^^), part of his schedule there:

--Lee Minho's today's schedule in Thailand--

10th,April 2009

- 16.30 pm Meet & greet Cocktail Party at Veranda Resort and Spa Hua Hin:Cha-Am

- 17.00 pm Recording interview with Z Zone by Chanel 7 [TV in Thailand]

- 18.00-18.30 pm Lee Min Ho take a photo with fanclub [100 fans]

During the rest of his stay there, I think he has to work..

Lee Min-ho and Park Shin-hye flew to Thailand yesterday to shoot Etude commercials and a fashion photo album!

Hey, Orchid, let's write to him some time to come to Malaysia, too, hehe

By the way, Happy Good Friday!

Orchid said...

@SpicySALSA Thanks for the itinerary. Yeah why do they always go to Thailand! I think the Korean ad & entertainment industry has good connections with people in Thailand, but not so much in Malaysia.

SpicySALSA said...


Totally agree!!

This is just my guessing: When Koreans think about beautiful tropical sceneries to shoot a commercial, "Thailand" often comes to their mind.

They should know Malaysia is also very beautiful (for example, Kota Kinabalu, Terenganu, Langkawi,etc.)

Another reason could be that Thailand is the country where 'Korean Wave' is the strongest in Asia; where Big Bang, Wonder Girls, Girls' Age are more popular than Ms. Spears or Mariah Carey or Rianna...

Anyways, when I have time, I WILL write to Lee Minho's management company and recommend him to come to Singapore and Malaysia some time! Cheers~

Anonymous said...

Eeeep. I like my LMH sans eyeliner, thankyouverymuch. But his voice is just as sexy as he is! And I totally agree with Jicks' #3 comment about feeling like Jandi's being cheated on. Haha...I need to get over BOF.

SpicySALSA said...

Hottest news from Thailand:
Read from soompi that Minho had a "Meet and Greet with cocktails" fan meeting in Huahin (beautiful resort area where Thai king often frequents for holidays) with girls from Thailand, Korea, Singapore, and Japan!

They had hours' fan meeting, interview, photo sessions, autograph session, etc.

According to a fan, he's tall, slender, very very handsome and has mesmerizing eyes; he smiles a lot (has cute dimples when he smiles), and smells very good! hApPy EaSteR, guys~

Lee Min Ho in Huahin, Thailand ^^

Orchid said...


Hey spicySALSA, thanks for sharing that Youtube link of Lee Min Ho's first official overseas meet and greet session in Thailand!!

He looks happy and relaxed.

SpicySALSA said...

Hi, Orchid, it's my pleasure!

Wow, that was his FIRST official overseas fan meeting?!!
That's why he spent so much time with the fans, ha.

Check out ^O^ a fan named Azura's report from soompi forum --- she has observed Minho for about three days at the resort where he stays!! (Am sure Azura would love to share her experiences with Minho with other fans, too)

....This will be my last report in Huahin Thailand for our Minho.
Last night he came down about 9pm for the private buffet dinner near the pool side.
He wore a red t-shirt and black pant with hat.
They were having such a great fun as this will be their last night in this resort.The dinner lasted about 2hrs and most of them are soaking wet cos all of them were being pushed down to the pool.
Around 11pm Minho and his manager walk back to their room and continue party in their private swimming pool.
His manager, the assistants and even the actress of the Etude CF joined them at their pool.
He change into a green bermuda topless jumping up and down like a small kid dancing and laughing so LOUD that we can even hear from our balcony.
3 of us seating in the dark outside our balcony watching and enjoying the scenes. Although we have many mosquitoe bites but it really worth.
He make our night HIGH
i cant control myself so i secretly snap a few pix of him (i feel like a paparazzi) ...its quite blurr but you can tell thats him.
Minho again so mischeviously pushed everyone down the pool...
They stayed up till very late.
Its now 8am and they are still sleeping, we check with the hotel staff Minho will be having his breakfast in the room.
There will be a last photo shoot at the pool later.
I will continue my update again when i'm back in Singapore.
Till then.

P.S yes he did signed Good Luck on the photos and album i gave him bonus was he wrote my name on it...

Orchid said...

@spicySALSA Thanks for the update! Are you on Facebook? If you are, look me up, i'm Orchid K-popped!

Lee Min Ho and the rest of the main BBF cast will be heading to Japan to promote the drama. They will arrive in Tokyo on April 15 to make a live TV appearance & meet and greet session with the press and fans.

There will be an official fan meeting on April 16 in Tokyo Dome City where SS501 and T-Max will perform the songs on the drama soundtrack with Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Joon!

SpicySALSA said...

Sorry, I'm not on facebook. BUt I will join it to view your page *WINK*

Wahhh, all F4 guys will have a fan meeting at TOKYO DOME!!!
Heard it can accomodate tens of thousands of people.
Good for Jap fans!*SOB SOB*
Thanks a bunch, Orchid, for the info!!

SpicySALSA said...

It's lunch break now..
Just found a couple of more videos of LMH, shot by fans in Thailand~

After checking out the second video that made me smile from ear to ear ^__^, I thought we could also write to 'Korean Tour Org' or 'Korean Plaza' in KL and ask them to invite F4 or Lee Minho to Malaysia!
For CF shooting or drama promotion or Korean tour promotion, etc...Just an idea, hehe

[Fancam] Lee Min Ho at Suvarnabhumi Airport - Thailand

Lee Min Ho in Thailand


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