Friday, 10 April 2009

Hugh Jackman goes to Seoul, Korea

Hunkalicious Hugh Jackman (41) is in Seoul to promote his latest flick X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which Korean-American actor Daniel Henney also appears in.

Hunk: Molten hot lava has landed in Seoul

South Korea is the only Asian country Jackman will visit for the movie’s promotional tour. You can thank Henney for that, folks.

The Australian actor arrived at the Incheon International Airport on April 8. Jackman, along with Henney, is set to attend a flurry of promo events for X-Men: Origins today (April 10).

The pair will meet the press, appear on the red carpet as well as attend a hand printing event. Apart from that, Jackman will also be appointed Seoul’s Ambassador by the Deputy Mayor of the city.

Wow, so much fuss over two gorgeous men. I like! :-).

X-Men: Origins will be unleashed on April 30 worldwide.

Autograph: 'Can I have a big hug too?'

Entourage: 'Now where's that ride of mine?'

Travelling light: 'I would just bring a backpack
if I could, but I've gotta keep up appearances.'

Ride into the city: Jackman is all smiles after spotting his ride

Source: Newsen

X-men Wolverine actors on a day out in Seoul
Daniel Henney in X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailer
Daniel Henney becomes a mutant for X-Men


Anonymous said...

wow totally love henney
and jackman ^^
wish i was there too...
but i will be waiting at sydney lolz ur posts

Bri@n said...

It's great to know that Daniel Henney is so influential. Just because of him Jackman visits Seoul to promote the movie.

z said...

Haha, I like all the comments for the pics. They're always nice and funny. ;P


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