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Life after Boys Before Flowers

Boys Before Flowers : Final episode aired (in Korea) on March 31.
Filming wrapped up on March 29, 2009.

It's over now. All the hype, all the suspense on how the drama's going to end. It's all over...

Filming for Boys Before Flowers ended on the night of March 29, 2009. The tail end of filming brought the cast on a whirlwind schedule, taking them from all over Korea to Macau and culminated
at Korea's Incheon beach. Well, the dust has settled and now the cast and crew can only look back at the 5-months of hard work as a sweet memory.

The final episode of Boys Before Flowers aired on KBS2 in Korea on March 31, 2009. Imagine, barely more than a day of post-production time before the final episode went on air! That's the insanely hectic pace the drama cast and crew had to live with for the past 5 months or so. A dreadfully stressful, exhaustive pace. Congratulations to them for pulling it all off i say!

That's a wrap guys! Filming ends and the cast and crew celebrate...

What will life be like after Boys Before Flowers? Well, for starters i will probably stop crossing out Monday and Tuesday nights in my organizer as off limits and making myself available for other appointments again. Well, my Mon and Tues nights won't ever be the same again for sure. But you are not here to listen to my post-BBF withdrawal symptoms (besides, i have lots more episodes to go!).

Now that all the excitement of producing and first-time airing of the drama is over, what did the now scattered F4 members do? What did Lee Min-ho, Kim Hyun-joong, Kim Joon and Kim Bum do on the days after they completed filming the drama? Let's take a peek.

The next day - for the first time in five months(!), the four had completely different schedules. Of course the first thing on all of their minds were to get some much needed rest. But here's what each ended up doing

Lee Min-ho : Exercise, facial and rest!

On March 30, Lee Min-ho got some much needed rest. He also worked out / exercised (which he says is long overdue) and made an appointment with his dermatologist for a one-hour skin care treatment.

That afternoon, in a telephone interview with Sports Korea, Min-ho mentioned "I feel much better after a one-hour rest and treatment at the dermatologist (he probably fell asleep when the dermatologist worked on his face)." Then he asked jokingly "Do I sound different when I am lying down?" However, Min-ho did not have the luxury of taking the entire day off. He had a shooting (photography) appointment later that evening.

Kim Hyun-joong : Fan meeting (Goodbye Yun Ji Hoo Party)

Kim Hyun-joong a.k.a. Ji-hoo sunbae (a name which his fans affectionately still calls him) has one of the most organized and active fans groups around! On March 30, Hyun-joong had a rehearsal with his bandmates for the fan meeting which would take place the next day.

On March 31, Hyun-joong was at Seoul's Olympic Park meeting 4,000 very lucky fans. Kim Hyun-joong was joined by his SS501 band mates, Kim Joon and Kim Bum! Hyun-joong also told his fans that his band SS501 will be making a comeback soon.

F3 reunion: Kim Hyun-joong, now back to being leader of SS501
and his new found friends Kim Bum and Kim Joon.
Both Kims showed support by making a
special appearance at Hyun-joong's fan meeting.

Kim Bum : Busy shooting movie & CF

Kim Bum delved straight into shooting a movie after Boys Before Flowers wrapped up. The day after, he spent the entire morning at the film studio, then followed with CF shooting later. In fact, all the F4 members had a late night on March 29, taking photos and saying their good-byes. Despite staying up late the night before, Kim Bum had to wake up early for a full day of shooting.

Kim Joon : Begins his career as an entertainer

The end of Boys Before Flowers signifies a wonderful start to Kim Joon's new career. Before playing Song Woo-bin on the drama, he was in the band T-MAX, but was still practically an unknown face. Now, all that has changed and his career in K-pop entertainment has been given a kick-start. On March 30, Kim Joon was at the recording of an MBC entertainment program.

Kim Joon spoke to Sports Seoul via a telephone interview and said, "During the drama (BBF), I received much love from my fans. Now, after the drama, I intend to return all that love." He added that he aspires to become a good actor.

F4 and a girl: One of the last few pics taken by the main cast.
From left: Lee Min-ho, Gu Hye-sun, Kim Hyun-joong, Kim Bum & Kim Joon.


amktsy said...

love this drama.
hope to have a movie too for this.
and a episode just saying about soeul.~

아이스Aiseu said...

haiz...miss this drama...tonite will be the end of it for me...

Wawa said...

hahaha... guys!
i wrote a tribute about this drama at my personal blog this afternoon & i'm using exactly the same pic of ur 1st pic... just slightly different! searching for that pic everywhere and end up i screencaps from youtube :p

this is how i felt after 3 months being the loyal fans:

i cried, i laughed with all the characters!!! i felt Jan Di's sadness when Jun Pyo ignores her in Macau! i fell in love with Ji Hoo's perfect character and lead to my addiction towards Kim Hyun Joong! i smiled everytime i watched SoEul's moment and how cute was Woo Bin english~~~ and how i wanna kill Jae Kyung & stupid Yu Mi who were trying to ruin JoonDi's relationship...

Orchid said...

@wawa...that's a very nice tribute to the drama who has kept us all so occupied (or should i say PRE-occupied from what's happening around us) for the duration of 25 episodes!

The image? I thought it was very apt..since it's a teary farewell entry after all.

Anonymous said...

what did Gu Hye-sun do the day after?... haha.. she looks better in Heart of 19..

Anonymous said...

oh ya, i would have prefer a Jandi-Jihoo ending... Jihoo did so much for her, and its impossible not to fall for such a handsome and kind guy!! he stayed on to her until the end.. willing to stay in medical school just to accompany jandi.. LOL.. cute


I bet Gu's heart skipped a few beats when she saw and speak to KHJ.. thats why she feel shy, hence KHJ needs to "break" that barrier... LOL

Wawa said...

yah... my monday & tuesday night were occupied because of the drama... well, it is still occupied by BBF since KBS World is still airing... time for bigger screen! hahaha!!! just, now i can have a good night sleep :p

ridhwan said...

waaaa...i dont want it to end!

Anonymous said...

I feel so empty now without them...ahhh!...well it was a good run...i haven't been this excited about a drama in a long time...goodbye BBF...i'll miss yooh....

Anonymous said...

what did KHS do after the drama? Hospital recovery! She really worked hard. Lots of criticism but people still watch it like an addiction. It is my addiction and I am proud. Flaws and all. I enjoyed it.

Azura said...

ya..i would love for a Jandi-Jihoo ending too... :D

Jihoo sunbae!! :D

gojunpyo and jandi said...

i still have the boys before flower fever!!! i cant help it but to watch over and over and over again!!!
i will miss them...i cried a lot and smile in every episode i watch...
i love bbf!!!

Anonymous said...

great show! loved it.... Hopefully the get some needed rest to stay healthy and strong. =)

Teresa said...

They should do a part two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha

joymarie292 said...


love this drama!!!


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