Wednesday, 1 April 2009

More 24 Hours – The Day with Rain

Well, well, well it looks like there are more posed shots of Rain doing “ordinary” things, all taken while filming his 24 Hours – The Day DVD.

Bed talk: 'Now you know my morning habits, lemme
show you what I do on an ordinary day...
when I'm not busy being a World Star.'

Thank goodness there are no more distasteful banana shots.

Nice try Rain, but these shots are too posed. Who'd believe that you – South Korea’s world star – would have the time to do laundry?

Laundry: 'Hey, it's therapeutic.'

Check out what Rain supposedly does in a day.

Surfing: 'Ah, Liz is poking fun at me at K-popped! again.'

Fan pics: 'Oh ha ha, and this is of Rooster and Orchid losing it on
the rollercoaster ride at Lotte World in Nov 2008.'

Exercise: 'I run with my pet...not this dog.
I dunno where it came from.'

Chef Rain: 'Wanna eat the food I cook?'

Zesty: 'I only use fresh ingredients.'

Shop: 'Oops, I've run out of bread, thus the last-minute
grocery shopping.'

Say cheese: Rain slips in a Nikon endorsement.

Relax: 'I love this Marley & Me's making me cry buckets.'

Source: Hankooki

Rain’s bedroom antics

Spend a day (& night!) with Rain

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marian said...

girls... i just love this and the captions, it makes me eyes water... from laughing! good job, keep it up. *hugs*

Rooster said...

LoL! Yea, great captions Liz. :D

Bradpetehoops said...

Napakasikat na ni rain sa buong mundo pero lamang pa rin si Pacman. Rain is great!

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

who the hell would buy something like this??? just another way for him to rip off money from his fangirls. but then again ... they deserve to be ripped off if they fall for this crap.

Anonymous said...

totally 100% AGREED!!

아이스Aiseu said...

lol...marley and me...haha...

garglemoose said...

what an ugly piece of crap..

kat22 said...

^ your language is so mean..You totally sound like a hater!

Anonymous said...

^ so what's your point?


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