Friday, 17 April 2009

Ricky Kim to marry Ryu Seung-joo on May 4

Yes ladies, that On Air hunk you have been lusting after is tying the knot. His lady love is 32-year-old musical actress Ryu Seung-joo.

Ricky Kim (left) & Ryu Seung-joo

Ricky Kim (28), who some have dubbed the 2nd Daniel Henney, is set to marry Ryu at the Sheraton Grand Walker Hill hotel on May 4.

The wedding is reportedly an “American style” bash with Reverend Seo Jung-in officiating. Shim Tae-yoon will be the designated wedding singer ;-).

Here are their lovey-dovey wedding pictures. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Position: The couple, flexible.

Just the two of us: We can make it if we try...

Korean heritage: 'And proud of it!'

Envy: 'Yeah ladies, don't turn green. This gorgeous
man right here, he's MINE ;-)'.

Source: Hankooki

Wedding bells toll for Lee Seon-gyun too


Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

She is certainly yummie. What makes him so special?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Couple...

Anonymous said...

He looks like Ricky Ricardo.

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

Anonymous, I think you and I are the last two people on earth, who know who that was!!! "LOOOOOOO-SEEEEE"!

Anonymous said...

weird photos ... not feeling the "artistry" of them at all.

oh well. happy wedding to the happy couple.

Anonymous said...

This looks like some kind of "fashion photo shoot" not a lovely wedding shoot. I don't feel the "love" at all. :(

CaDao Phuong said...

where can I find the wedding dress like those?????


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