Thursday, 30 April 2009

Shop for Boys Before Flowers items online

In the mood to shop online? Check out the Boys Before Flowers products you could buy.

  1. Boys over Flowers OST Part 2 (US$13.99)

  2. Junpyo - Jandi Moon Star Necklace (US$10.99)

  3. Moon Star Earrings

  4. Kim Bum's round black earrings (US$7.99)

Although what i really want is the drama boxset - which is not released yet!

Also check out:
Boys Before Flowers OST


Wawa said...

i want that necklace... wohooooooo!!!

SaeByuk85 said...

You can buy the box set online at for $99.00 us dollars!!! Yeah I just bought mine

Syn said...

I really hope that this gets a boxed set as well! More so that it is English subbed!


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