Thursday, 30 April 2009

Song Hye-kyo in Nylon

The beautiful Song Hye-kyo, who went under the radar after wrapping up KBS drama World’s Within, is set to grace the pages of fashion glossy Nylon.

Heya: 'Remember me?'

The petite actress will be parading in Levi’s for the May issue of the magazine. The 28-year-old dons shorts, mini-skirts and various cuts of denim jeans for the photoshoot. Check out more photos below.

Casual: 'Oh, it's just another day at the studio.'

Hawt: 'Like my short pink skirt?'

Levi's plug: 'I love my denim shorts. Levi's rock!'

Faraway look: 'This is my dreamy look.'

Breather: 'Gimme 5 minutes, OK?'

Tiring: 'Man, I forgot how exhausting a photoshoot can be.'


Anonymous said...

i like song hye-kyo, but must her mouth be open in all of these pictures??? it's so weird and makes her seem one-dimensional with just one expression.

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

Of course her mouth has to be open, she's FEMALE!! (OMG, I'm in trouble now!!) Guys, no lusting: She's MINE! Is Nylon a magazine for Korea only, or can I find one stateside?

Anonymous said...

you're gross, vic.

Anonymous said...

I agree if a fly was around it'd go straight into her mouth.
Her photoshoots are always boring. She's not a very good model.

selva said...

gahh she's so pwetyyyyy!!! why does she have to be so pwetyyyy!!! I'm so jealous =P
I like Song Hye Gyo and I like her look in these shoots.

@ Vic:
lol you're so funny =P but FYI we're NOT that talkative all the time XD

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

Selva Thank you!!! I really do not think you do. I was just teasing. It was just too easy!
Now, what is Nylon? Is this a Korea only mag, or Asia only, or international? I really do like Song Hye Kyo, and would love to take a look.

ana said...

she looks so pretty in these phto shoots..even though rhe clothes is kindof boring..
her skin is flawless. and the lighting makes her looks like an angel.

Anonymous said...

I think she's beautiful...not boring at all. I'm astounded by the different types of clothes she can model and still look gorgeous. (And I especially love the clothes in this spread btw.)

Liz said...

Hello Vic, I don't know if Nylon is an international title, but the photospread is only in the Korea issue.


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