Wednesday, 20 May 2009

2PM meet fans Again & Again

Cutie Nickhun of 2PM says "An-nyeong!"

I caught 2PM member Nickhun on Chit Chat of Beautiful Ladies last night and feel somewhat closer to him now - hence this entry right here. ;-) Nickhun who's fluent in Korean is of Chinese-Thai descent. He was born in Thailand but now i would assume spend most of his time in Korea.

JYP's seven member group 2PM were at Samsung-dong, Seoul for a fan signing event on May 19, at 7pm. They are embarking on a whole series of meet-the-fans sessions to promote their new track Again & Again.

The group's current hit Again and Again (어겐 엔 어겐) has been getting lots of airtime for the past two weeks and the guys are busy with activities and fan signing sessions.

Check out Again & Again (with English subs)

So who's your favourite 2PM member?


Taek-yeon & Jun-ho


Jun-ho asks a fan...How do I spell your name?


Hey there's Nickhun again

Source: Newsen

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Anonymous said...

The person u labeled as Jaebum is really wooyoung

Wawa said...

love Again & Again so much... i didn't know about 2PM that much but their music quite good!!!

Orchid said...

@anonymous Thanks. I've corrected it.

@wawa Their music's good because they have Park Jin Young (JYP) as their mentor, boss and producer. He was the one who mentored Rain (Jung Ji-hoon).

nanie said...

is nikhun a korean by citizenship?

Anonymous said...


Lynette/kokokoreano said...


nanie: if i'm not wrong khun is chinese/thai, lived in america for some time, and now in korea as a singer. HAHA!

elPasiRa said...

i love jaebum@jay....the leader...

Anonymous said...


Where did u watch Chit Chat with Beautiful Ladies in Msia??I always watch KBS world in Astro but i realised that their program were delayed a few days/weeks..But,there are subs eventough it was delayed..

Orchid said...

@anonymous. I watched it on KBS World too!! Yup, got English subs!

There was one part where the host asked Nickhun to reveal something (just one thing) bad about his boss (JYP). Like a complaint. But Nickhun didn't want to. There was also a friend of JYP among the guests too..and she said something like "It's okay you can tell". But Nickhun says "It's not okay for me." Hahaha...

fizzy said...

again&again is on repeat AGAIN+AGAIN in my mp3 player,media player @work and in my car. hehehe. so catchy!!

as always, i'll go against the flow. i love JUN SU!!
he was not featured enough in 10 by 10, but in again&again, he's THE man. :D
btw, jun Su-sshi won a national singing competition before he was scouted for 2PM.

Jun Su-sshi, saranghae-yo!

cheri said...

My favourite 2PM member has got to be Junsu ! He can sing,rap and dance well.What's not to like?
Junsu = sexy voice + sexy looks

Anonymous said...

I truly like all of them. They each have their own special charm. But...(haha)

I love Nickhun who is not only good looking, but really considerate. He speaks four languages (Thai, Chinese, Korean and English). And, if you've seen him in MNet Scandal's recent episode, you'd agree that he is just great boyfriend material.

floatingstars said...

i love love nichkhun! He's always in my blog! Second fave is taecyon! Both are very down-to-earth i think. And Jaebum is pretty funny. He's one of the best leaders out there. And JYP sure knows what he was looking for when he chose these boys. They may look and have different personalities but they all have great chemistry and you can tell they get along so well! JYP starmaker! I mean, look at where Rain is now! Anyways, I also have a KPOP music/fashion/drama site at Can I link your site?

Mei said...

Any of them left-handed? I think I caught Junsu holding the pen in his left hand but who knows...Junho is so cute, spinning 2 pens at once


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