Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Hyun Bin's new Laneige Homme CF

Hyun Bin is absolutely my favourite Laneige Homme guy...
hmmm, not that i know of any other. :-P

Looking better and better these days, Hyun Bin (The World We Live In, My Lovely Samsoon) is the face of Laneige Homme (라네즈 옴므). His last appearance on behalf of Amorepacific's cosmetics brand Laneige was at the last pink marathon with Yoon Eun-hye.

Binnie's new CF is for Laneige's sun block lotion. The commercial was filmed on the roof-top of a building in Gangnam, Seoul. The purpose is to show off Seoul's cosmopolitan skyline.

Hyun Bin, who's in the middle of shooting his drama Friend, Our Legend is sporting very short hair and is looking very lean indeed. This look is very suitable for portraying a sophisticated male style.

All this talk is of no use, you'd just have to check out the videos for yourself.

Hyun Bin's Laneige Homme Sun Block Lotion CF

The Making Of - Laneige Homme Sun Block Lotion CF

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Aiko said...

I just discovered Hyun Bin after watching My Lovely Sam Soon. What an absolutely handsome guy!

Anonymous said...


Hyun Bin is my everytime fav.hehe..Actually i'm waiting for him to be the spokeperson for Laneige Homme since I saw the guy that act in Love & Marriage(sorry,dunno his name)become the spokeperson..He totally suited this brand image.

Anonymous said...

I miss Hyun Bin! Can't wait for his new series too :)

Imuyachan said...

OMG.. he's so handsome ^^ thx 4 sharing this ;) he's my fave ;)

fraulein said...

Hyun Bin was my first k-crush. But I am not feeling his latest short crop, he stole my heart as the reckless Samshik!


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