Sunday, 31 May 2009

Blood: The Last Vampire in Malaysian cinemas 11 June 2009


After more than a year of talking about this "Hollywood movie" staring Korean actress Gianna Jun Ji-hyun (My Sassy Girl, Il Mare), it will be released in Malaysia on 11 June, 2009.

Gianna Jun has been criticized for her Hollywood debut exaggerations because there has been no release date announced in the USA yet. To our readers Stateside, have you heard any news of the impending release of this movie?

Here are some pics released by Buena Vista Columbia Tristar.

Vampire slayer SAYA examines her weapon

A bunch of really ugly scary vampires

View the trailer

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calolwafu said...

1st! how i wish im in Malaysia! anybody knows when it will show in Manila???

jeanny said...

The announced release dates:

May 29: Japan
June 4: Hong Kong, Singapore
June 11: South Korea
June 12: Ireland, Taiwan
June 17: France
June 26: UK
July: US

Those of us in the States just have to wait for another couple months!

Orchid said...

Thx for the list @jeanny!

They are releasing it in South Korea the very same day it's out in Malaysia!


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