Sunday, 31 May 2009

Lee Young-hyun of Big Mama loses weight

Lee Young-hyun of Big Mama (pic left) has lost a whole lot of weight, as seen in her recent selca pics at her minihompy.

Now, the 28-year-old has a slim “V”-shaped face as opposed to her rather chubby features previously.

Fans are curious about the singer’s transformation. Did she fall victim of perfection and subjected herself to a little nip and tuck?

A representative has assured fans that the Big Mama singer did not succumb to plastic surgery but has committed herself to a strict exercise regime and even gotten herself a new hairstyle, thus the new look.

Big Mama is a quartet that goes against the norm of sexy, drop-dead gorgeous girl groups in South Korea.

Slimmer: The new Lee Young-hyun

They sing and harmonise beautifully, but are said to be “lacking” in the looks department. For more information on them, check out our Big Mama thread.

Break Away with Big Mama

Big Mama's Blossom showcase


teruterubozu said...

i love Big Mama...hope they release new album soon..

Kimmybgood said...

What is Big Mama doing? I recently discovered them on You Tube and would love to see them come to the U.S. for a tour. I would definitely pay to see them. I particularly love Lee Young-hyun! Come to America!


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