Sunday, 31 May 2009

Break Away with Big Mama

Hello friends, here’s a music “blast from the past” treat for you. I immediately took a liking to this MV by Big Mama while watching Pops in Seoul recently, so I had to share it with you guys.

You know Big Mama, right? The quartet who sing like angels but aren’t that popular in South Korea because they are no Barbie doll-like beauties. The jazzy ballad Break Away was their first single from their 2003 debut album Like The Bible.

Powerful singers: Break Away with Big Mama

While watching the Break Away MV, I’m reminded of the Kim Ah-joong movie 200 Pounds Beauty, and am not surprised if the movie borrowed its idea from the video. Hit the play button and watch it!

The MV shows four beautiful ladies onstage crooning the sexy ballad…and later pans to the real singers who are passionately singing backstage! The ladies onstage are there because of their looks but are only lip-syncing.

Break Away was a powerful break out single for Big Mama. It catapulted the group to the top of the Korean music charts and sold 100,000 copies. While Big Mama keeps getting (and looking) better and better, we wish them much success and hope they will continue to make more beautiful music.

Big Mama's 4th album - Blossom
Big Mama's Blossom showcase
TRIVIA: Big Mamas in love


Anonymous said...

pops in seouls is on arirang, right? i got a chance to watch the channel & some great programs including pops in seoul while i was vacaying in bandung, indonesia. it's a good channel, but too bad we don't get it here in malaysia :( how come indonesians get to watch a lot better programs on satellite as compared to us???

Liz said...

Hi Nanie, we have Pops in Seoul too. Tune in to Channel 313 (Astro) at 9:30pm Friday night :-).

There's a repeat of the show on Saturday morning too...but I can't quite remember what time.

Anonymous said...

eh? chongmal?? alamak! cannot watch-lah coz i dun subscribe to 313 *sob* anyways, thx for d info, liz :)

Liz said...

You're welcome Nanie :-)


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