Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Casting for new SBS drama Dream

Joo Jin-moo to play a Jerry Maguire role soon?

Actor and singer Joo Jin-moo (200 Pounds Beauty, Fashion 70's, Queen of the Game) has been casted in a Korean-Japanese joint venture drama Dream (드림) . The drama will be produced by Jeong Hyeong-su (Jumong) of CJ Entertainment. Two other casts have also been confirmed - Kim Bum (Boys Before Flowers, East of Eden) and Sohn Dam-bi.

The drama Dream takes place in the sports business world, displaying fierce competition and the fight to succeed. The is the first time a Korean drama has dealt with this topic and to illustrate how exciting this might be, you'd only have to think about the movie Jerry Maguire. Joo Jin-moo will play an agent who mentors a mixed martial arts fighter (played Kim Bum), turning him from a bad seed into a top fighter. Sohn Dam-bi will play the martial arts gym owner's lovely daughter.

It has been also reported that the drama might surprise you by having real life athletes in cameo roles.

A new addition to the casting for Dream is Julien Kang. You might have seen the Canadian born actor in Chit Chat of Beautiful men (2007). Julien is of Korean - French parentage and is experienced in mixed martial arts. He will probably play one of the fighters on the drama.

Also, Sohn Dam-bi's We've Got Married partner Marco is said to be in the cast too.

Sohn Dam-bi fans are busy speculation who will play her love interest. Will it be Kim Bum? Julien Kang or Joo Jin-moo?

Dream will start airing on SBS in September.

Sohn Dam-bi and Marco to reunite in Dream

Mixed martial arts fighters: Kim Bum and Julien Kang


auDrey said...

wow...alot of hot looking guys in the movie..lol

at least the concept diff from the norm..

thanks for the info..

Anonymous said...

Whaa a half french guy in korean drama!! ^^ I'm french so I'm happy... he looks very french Julien Kang and her name is very french (Julien! ^^ ).

I want see this drama because there is Kim Bum dongsaeng! ^^

K-popped: Thank you for all your news!! It's good job! ^^

Marie from France

Dottie said...

I love Joo Jinmo!

I'm willing to watch him watch paint dry.

Yes, that's HOW much I love him.


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