Monday, 25 May 2009

Lee Min Ho on T-money cards

One good reason to live in have Min-ho
smiling back at you every time you make a payment.

T-money card issuers have signed with Korea Smart Card and Etude House's Lee Min-ho (from Boys Before Flowers fame) to design a special Limited Edition card. What kind of card would that be you might ask? Well, Lee Min-ho's handsome face on the card, what else!

The T-money cards can be used as payment and transportation cards in Korea. T-money card payment service partners with Etude House to celebrate its 1 million production on May 1st. It is hoped that this special limited edition Lee Min-ho Etude House T-money cards will entice women to get the card. It's a marketing strategy...that i think would certainly work! If i were in Korea, i would definitely want that Min-ho T-money card! GIMME THAT CARD!

Source: JKnews

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Wawa said...

yeah~~~ if i'm in korea, i'll sure will get that T-Card of Minho's face on it... :P

Shira said...

OMOOOO~etude house!?there's one here in penang!but but but the money card only can be used in korea huh?
haha being dramatic here :P
dang!gimme that card too!

Insyirah said...

No offense to BBF fangirls, but I think I am getting sick of th F4 obsession already. Th excitement from BBF has long faded for me and I am getting tired of th overhyped products they keep advertising day after day.

Hmm, maybe their managers are trying to push th stars for th money... but th mushrooming of CFs is just too much for me. Esp when I think tt th special edition MV is unnecessary. Why must they do this? Just leave 'th ending' alone, with Jan Di's bad hairdo and all! *faints*

Ok enough ranting. Im sure some fangirls will definitely be irritated >___<

PS: Dont get me wrong, I enjoyed BBF but th after effect of th drama is just too much for me. Hehe ^^

Imuyachan said...

@ Insyirah : i think the BoF post effect is more into Lee Minho himself. He is a big star now, not actually related to BoF. I like him as an actor who played gu Junpyo now not only bcoz he is sti;; Gu jUnpyo in my mind ;) geunnyang, just my thought bout ur comment ;) @ orchid : thx 4 sharing this ;)

fraulein said...

Can I swop my card for one with LMH's mug? Mine's a pic of seoul tower.

sorry if i sound pesky but i am just getting into the BoF craze. 2 eps down, 23 to go...

Orchid said...

Where are you watching it Fraulein? You bought the box set?

fraulein said...

On free to air TV, saturday nites : )

Orchid said...

@fraulein...hmmm, not sure what "free to air TV" is. But enjoy ! =)

fraulein said...

Oh, non cable tv. The free channels. Channel U to be precise

Ji-enne said...

No offense, I want to see Lee Minho's huge picture than Jang Guen Suk in Etude House



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