Thursday, 21 May 2009

Daniel Henney in US medical drama Three Rivers

Daniel Henney will make one hot doctor

Right after having a Hollywood movie role fall on his lap (i'm talking about X-Men Origins: Wolverine), Korean - American actor Daniel Henney will now appear on US television in a series called Three Rivers.

The CBS drama also stars Julia Ormond, Alex O'Loughlin and Katherine Moennig. Three Rivers is a medical drama that takes a look at organ transplantation from three different points of view: doctors, donors and recipients. Ormond will play the head of surgery at Three Rivers Hospital while Henney plays a kidney/liver/pancreas transplant specialist. Hmmm..Dr. Daniel Henney!

Soon our readers in America will be able to watch Henney in CBS's fall lineup on Sundays, 9pm.

Handsome Daniel Henney already has tons of fans in Korea after appearing in dramas like My Name is Kim Sam-soon and Spring Waltz and in movies like Seducing Mr. Perfect and My Father. Will he take US by storm?

Sources: Dramabeans, Digital Spy

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Anonymous said...

Daniel Henney is so hot, But I'm not liking his hair lately :P

Anonymous said...

Holy CRAP, he's hot with long hair. And I thought he was already incredibly fine in "Wolverine."

Anonymous said...

wishing him luck as he tries to establish himself as an American actor. hope he's a better actor now than when he was in Sam-soon.

EKPG said...

I love your post and the pictures too. Great News. I agree that many Americans do or did not know of Daniel even though this is where he grew up. Korean Dramas gave him the break and he is really taking off there. I only heard of him on YouTube from a friend and found him to be a very special person as well as talented. I think he just made me set the bar real high now for men in my life. LOL If friends ask me what type of guy I want...I just show them Daniels videos. He really has all the right stuff.

I would also like to say that I will do all I can to make sure Daniel gets his due time in promoting him here in the USA. I share him with everyone I know and will continue to do so. BTW they love him too, after I clue them into him.

In that process just this week when I I was celebrating Daniel's part in XMen as Agent Zero, though too short of a roll (but not bad for first timer). I have seen some only survive a few seconds, after cutting floor.

Anyway on my twitter friends list was this woman who had interviewed stars of a new series and who interviews a lot of Hollywood and Musicians there. I made a big effort to keep in contact with her and suggest that she interview Daniel about his new series.

She wrote me a private message back to thank me for the "Great Idea" She said she watched the videos I sent her and the links here and she is going to try and line it up after some other commitments of interviews she has been working on get done. *smiles*
Before I contacted her she really did not know much about Daniel (like I assume many in USA) but hopefully If I can continue to get Daniel Henney's name out there enough...people here won't say "Who is this Asian guy playing a Doctor in Three Rivers?"

So wish me luck in getting this interview set up with some of the many entertainment magazines, broadcasters and newspapers

Lilly Rose Chen said...

ya he will take US by storm...never heard of him but now you can bet I'm watching the come I never met guys that look like that? where do they all hide?


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