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Ahn Jae Wook wins lawsuit, recuperates from throat surgery

Ahn Jae-wook & Lee Bo-young in the
2006 KBS drama Mr. Good-bye

This is the first time i am writing about Ahn Jae-wook. I've been sort of watching KBS World's encore drama Mr. Good-bye (2006) in which he stars opposite actress Lee Bo-young (Queen of the Game). I wasn't very impressed by him at first sight as he does not have the usual tall, good looks that Korean leading men all had. So i thought to myself..."What kind of lead actor is this? He's short and not that good looking. Can he carry a drama?" But before the hour was up, i was proven wrong and what this man lacks in height or conventional good looks, he makes up for in charisma and that certain x-factor. I've discovered that Ahn is attractive in his own way and has the unique ability to smile with his eyes. Okay, with that, here's some news on the actor (which i just found out, is a composer and singer as well!)

Actor, singer and composer Ahn Jae Wook (Saranghae-I Love You, Mr. Good-bye) recently won a revenue share lawsuit against a Japanese agency. The Seoul Central District Court instructed the agency to compensate Ahn Jae-wook more than 200 million won for payments not made to the artist.

Ahn Jae-wook in September 2008 filed a case that Japanese management agency IMX did not pay him proceeds from concerts and activities from his tour in Japan.

Ahn won the lawsuit against Japanese agency IMX.
Oh yes, they finally paid me what they owed me.

Meanwhile, Ahn Jae-wook (38) is now recuperating from a throat surgery he underwent in late March to remove a cyst. While recording his mini-album which will be released simultaneously in Korea and Japan, he felt something was wrong with his throat. Doctors found a cyst which had to be removed immediately. He was then given strict orders to rest his voice for at least a month.

Ahn was originally scheduled to go on a three-city tour in Japan on May 27th to promote his mini-album. However, this plans have been postponed due to the operation. Ahn promises to come back as soon as possible to resume recording his mini-album and concert preparation.

Source: Artnews, StarNews

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shiitake said...

he is first singer (a reaaaaally good one) & then actor (a fairly superb one too!).

Anonymous said...

he was my first korean celeb crush back in the 90s! i totally fell in love with him in 별은 내가슴에 (aka star in my heart). i watched that drama countless times because of him. ah~ maybe i'll watch it again sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

btw his role in 별은 내가슴에 was supposed to go to a different singer/actor but for reasons i forget it went to him and the rest is history. that drama really made his name a household name and started his career as a singer. though he didn't sing most of the songs in the drama, "forever" really was sung by him and *swoon*

Orchid said...

@shiitake Yeah singer & composer first...i'm just beginning to find out.

@Anonymous...his song Forever is a famous song for the "Star in my heart" drama.

View Ahn singing Forever on Youtube:

YeinJee said...

Ahn Jae-wook was huge. He is one of the very few Korean stars to have solo concerts in China... and he did it before the Hallyu wave sets in.

may C said...

I have been watching Mr. Goodbye too (last eppie tonight) ^5

And, he was also credited as the one who started the Korean Wave in countries outside Korea!

Anonymous said...

omg, anh jae wook! If you ignore the bad hair and clothes from the 90s in "Star in my Heart," you'll fall in love with him~ I know all the krn ahjummadeul in my neighborhood sure did, what with all that sexy eye-skimming bangs and singing to choi jinshil in the crowd... hehehe~

Orchid said...

Omo...he's one who started the Korean wave?? Did i just hit jackpot here? Yeah he has that special X-factor. Now i wanna watch more of Mr Good-bye & Ahn Jae-wook's other dramas / movies! I only watched from episode 14 onwards. Sigh.

0angel0 said...

YESS Ahn Jae Wook starred in my very first korean drama - Stars in my heart. Darlings u just HAVE to watch that show (ok, the story might have been used to death by now, but he's like THE Original hottie)

Anonymous said...

mr goodbye has the regular k-drama feel but he's a good actor. i would watch the series but i can't stand the actress who stars opposite him. her acting gets on my nerves. i like the actress who plays the doctor.

Wawa said...

as my mom was addicted to Mr. Goodbye on KBS World, i was like Orchid, what type of hero is this that's not that good looking!!!

but my mom keep saying, he's sweet and adorable!!! hahaha... so, during episode 15, i decided to accompany my mom to watch and seriously, HE IS BEYOND HIS LOOK!

he impressed me with his acting skill!!!

Anonymous said...

good actor *.*got depth and content

Anonymous said...

omg.... he was the FIRST korean celeb i fell in love with. i think i was only in 5th grade but OMG he was SO SMEXY in 'star in my heart'


but yea... then later on, i found out he was kinda short and not really how i remembered him in my dreams ^^

but still, a very good actor!!!

fraulein said...

He is big in Japan. Bigger than KSW, it seems

Liz said...

Ahn Jae-wook should come to Malaysia :-P.

masajw said...

Liz, I agree with you. I hope he will come to Malaysia in future. In order for him to come here, We Malaysian fans must come togather and plan. "Malaysia Boleh"
Mr Goodbye is still on our Malaysia Astro Channel 303 from 10:10-11:20PM Monday to Thursday.
God Bless AJW...Forever AJW.

Anonymous said...

I'm not that old, but he was a big icon of Korean entertainment back in the days. I loved him in "Star in My Heart" with Choi Jin Shil and Cha In Pyo. They were so young back then.

As for "Mr. Goodbye," I didn't like it as much as I was hoping I would. Too bad for that.

Miss A said...

First I didnt like your articl at all ,you said many things about Ahn jaewook-ssi ,you ahve no write to talk about his tall ,is that what really matter his tall and his good looking ,judging people on the way they look ?! what about the acting ,the good work they produce,the hours of their life that they spent to make people happy ,I am from Iraq and Ahn jaewook-ssi is my inspiration in life ,life has no meaning without him because he is so wonderful in acting and music ,his voice is very strong and his smile gives hope ,and his tall is great and he is so handsome and very good looking person ,stop judging people on the way they look .

AJW still rocks said...

Ahn Jae Wook was one of the trio (Jang Dong-gun, Lee Dong-won and Ahn Jae-wook) hallyu oppas.

When he dubuted about 12 yrs ago with Partner (짝 an explosively popular drama about flight attendents' and their family's lives) as the Kim Hye-soo's younger cheeky bro, he gained a huge popularity.

But what made him a hallyu star was the drama called "Wish upon a star"
Even now when he gives a concert in Japan, tickets are sold out in mins.
He's a great and charismatic singer.
As for his height, it's average for a Korean man, but since many hot Korean stars nowadays in Korea are over 182 cm (Lee Minho is 186 or 187cm!), he looks rather short (but well-proportioned).
In my experience, tall guys are good to look at, but for intimate moments like hugging or kissing, shorter guys are better, Hah!

Well, my fave drama where he stars that made me watch 7 episodes in a row was 'Oh Pil Seung and Bong Soon Young (AIRED IN 2004)'

It's fun, crazy, insanely addictive and even instructive.

Hmmmmm, I think there's somehting about Ahn Jae wook!!!
(His charisma can win those of some handsome stars in their 20s)

Orchid said...

@AJW still rocks

Thanks for sharing!!

Hmmmmm, I think there's somehting about Ahn Jae wook!!!
(His charisma can win those of some handsome stars in their 20s)
I totally agree with you. Hmmm...there will be more entries on AJW to come in this blog!!! :-)

COOLJ said...



Anonymous said...




Orchid said...

@Miss A Despite my comments & first impression of Ahn Jae will definitely read more about him on this site. So please pop by again soon!!! =)


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