Sunday, 3 May 2009

High Cut looks inside Ji-hoo sunbae's bag

What does Boys Before Flowers' Ji-hoo sunbae (Kim Hyun-joong) carry in his bag?

In the 4th issue of HIGH CUT (하이컷) magazine, an article features the contents of Ji-hoo sunbae's bag. Currently the most popular (and most handsome?) of the ss501 guys, Kim Hyun Joong's bag contents is a hot topic.

So what's in Ji-hoo's bag?
  • Samsung Anycall's Haptic mobile phone - although he appears in the CF, Hyun-joong claims to have bought this phone with his own money
  • A pair of stylish Louis Vuitton sunglasses
  • Kiehls Lip Balm to keep his lips moist and kissable
  • KRW 10,000 in his wallet
  • A folded t-shirt
  • 80 GB iPod touch

About High Cut Magazine

High Cut
is a new magazine in South Korea. It cost KRW300 and is sold at most convenient stores in Korea. The first cover featured Lee Min-ho. Second issue featured Kim Hyun-Joong on the cover. Co-star Kim So-eun also appeared in a photo spread of the magazine 3rd issue. This magazine seems to be very pro-Boys Before Flowers and have been featuring one star from the drama or another in their issues so far. I guess they know what readers want and give it to them!

High Cut magazine covers issue #1 and #2
High Cut #1 - Lee Min Ho
High Cut #2 - Kim Hyun Joong

Singer and dancer Son Dam Bi on High Cut #4

Son Dam Bi (25) is featured on the cover of High Cut magazine's 4th issue. There is also a photo shoot of her in the issue.

Stars reading High Cut

Kang Hye Jung & Jo Sung Mo

Yun Son Ha

Next up...High Cut brings you to-die-for behind the scenes pics of Lee Min Ho on location, Jeju-do.


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Anonymous said...

All the expensive stuff like the Samsung Haptic 2, LV sunglasses, Kiehl's lipbalm, 80GB Ipod touch, but only KRW10,000 in his wallet?????
Cutenyer, our leader, HyunJoong~ ^^;;

Anonymous said...

LOLLL hahahaha!!so true!! aha so cute

Wawa said...

hahahaha... yah, only KRW10,000 in his wallet together with all those expensive stuffs??? maybe a credit card in his wallet :)

ji-ahn said...

how much is the magazine???
is it cheap?

Orchid said...

Oh yeah, ji-ahn, now that you mentioned it, the magazine is super cheap.
In the article, it says at an affordable price - KRW300 (USD0.20 / MYR0.80).

I am not sure if this is the introductory price though...cos it's awfully cheap. It's like a newspaper magazine.

Jinny said...

Hyun Joong has the smallest face... so jealous! >.<
I laughed when I saw the lip balm, bc his always-chapped lips are his complex!

Anonymous said...

Hhahahah, only KRW10,000 it's like our RM38.00 right????May be he carry credit card insted of cash....

Anonymous said...

is that a canon SLR in his bag? I mean i see the word canon on something but apparently it's black and blends in with whatever is around it so I'm not sure if it is a camera. just curious. XD and it looks like our leader is a tech guy.

Jeannie said...

they did cover on the SuJu boys too I think (Han Geng, Siwon, Sungmin and Shindong)... and the stuff in Siwon's and Geng's were like o.O especially Siwon's... expensive brand names stamped all over ^^

Orchid said...

@anonymous...yeah that looks like a Canon DSLR or at least a Canon semi-pro camera. Different from the Canon IXUS he was using here. Looks like he is a Canon fan. =)

Anonymous said...

Orchid, thanks for the info. XD yeah really looks like he's a canon fan. I'm a canon fan too! hehe

Anonymous said...

there is no 80gb ipod touch :x the largest size for the touch version is 32gb

joymarie292 said...

wow!! 80gb ipod touch?! where did he bought it?!


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