Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Star couple Sul Kyung-gu & Song Yun-ah to wed

Star Couple: Sul Kyung-gu & Song Yun-ah
caught many
by surprise with their wedding announcement

This is big big news in South Korea okay! I watched Entertainment Weekly last night and just realized how huge the news is.

Sul Kyung-gu (41) and Song Yun-ah (36) called for a press conference on May 9th at the Ritz Carlton hotel for a surprise wedding announcement. An army of reporters and camera-men (yes, even more than when A-lister and then most-eligible bachelor Kwon Sang-woo announced his wedding plans) turned up for the press conference. It was indeed a surprise to the press and public because there wasn't any indication that the actors had been dating.

So many reporters & photographers!

Appearing at the press conference, the two stars looked happy and answered the questions honestly. The pair first met when they co-stared in the 2002 film Jail Breaker. Later, they worked together again on a second film but only started dating in fall of 2007.

An insider revealed that both Sul and Song are from the same entertainment agency and it so happened that Sul's apartment is located near their agency's office. Thus, they were able to spend some time alone without being caught by paparazzi or the public. So that's how they dated. They watched movies, ate food and drank beer.

Naturally one of the first questions asked was "Is Song Yun-ah pregnant?" Sul replied, after a short pause for a bit of drama, "No".

At one point in the press conference, a reporter asked about approval from parents. Song Yun-ah could not contain her emotion and broke into tears. The sound of camera clicks reached a climax as photogs clicked violently as Song dabbed her tears. After regaining her composure, Song apologized for the emotional lapse and explained. Initially, her parents had opposed to their union and that caused both of them a lot of hurt as they really wanted her parent's blessing. Only after receiving their blessing, did they call for a press conference.

An emotional moment...when Song talked about her parent's blessing

It is believed that Song's parents opposed to the wedding because this is Sul's second marriage. He was earlier married and divorced in 2006, after four years estranged with his previous wife.

Actor Sul spoke figuratively and made a statement that he has a lot of debt to pay up and that he has to pay up bit by bit.

Despite the difficult questions, Sul and Song appeared very cordial and calm throughout. When asked how many kids they want to have, Song answered "We did not discuss this earlier, but I would like to have two."

Sul Kyung-gu is an acclaimed actor and is best known for his roles in the Public Enemy series, Silmido, Oasis and Peppermint Candy. He studied film and theater at Hanyang University and upon graduation took part in mostly theatrical productions.

Song Yun-ah, a model turned actress is probably best known for her dramas Hotelier and On Air.

Sul and Song will be married on May 28. Congratulations to the happy couple.

Sources: Korea Times, Chosun.com, Newsen, KBS World

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Anonymous said...

Sul Kyung Gu is more A-list than KSW will ever be, he's the highest paid Korean movie actor. And both SKG and SYA turned up for their wedding announcement together.

Orchid said...

@anonymous...I'd have to watch some of his movies then!

fraulein said...

Haha, I take it that Anonymous isnt much of a KSW fan ; )

Like Orchid, I was amazed at how much airtime the wedding announcement took up on EW. It was the top story and took about 20 mins. Pardon my ignorance, I really did not know Sul Kyung Ju until now. He kinda reminds me of Geoffrey Rush and Shine. And I only know Sung Yuna from On Air. They look like sensible, mature adults at 41 and 36 respectively and here's wishing them happiness

I only realised how big they are until I saw the flash bulbs flickering non stop as they spoke.

Hope no bun's in the oven like the other A lister who held his announcement at the swanky Shilla, minus Sohn Tae Young, hahaha.

peepoo said...

if you don't know Sul Kyung Gu, you must not have seen any Public Enemy movies...there are 3 of them. and your beloved lee min ho is in the 3rd one...although he didn't really get much screen time...check them. they're really good.

Orchid said...

@fraulein, cool you saw EW too. The host on EW said that this news is the biggest news of Q1 this year. Or something along those lines. They were all very excited.

@peepoo, thanks for the info on Public Enemy. Min-ho in the 3rd movie? Aiya he might be appearing for all of 5 minutes. :-) Must check it out. Is it a police / action movie series?

alchocoholic said...

Yeah, I saw entertainment weekly too and I'm surprised they didn't go blind from all the camera flashes going off.

He kicks ass in movies and peepoo is right, the PE trilogy is awesome. Everyone should watch them plus oasis and peppermint candy. He was virtually unrecognizable in oasis, he was that good. Hands down my favourite movie star together with song kang ho.

And no offence but SYA is a much bigger star than STY... ppl didn't even know who she was b4 she married KSW so yeah, I'd say this is truly one of the biggest weddings in Korea. Can't wait to see the guest list, woohoo!

Anonymous said...

I don't know but if Sul has a lot of debt to pay up, wouldn't it be better to pay up now and marry later. I know those debts can carry a lot of burden especially if you are in a marriage.

Anonymous said...

I first saw Song Yun-ah from Hotelier. since then haven't noticed her in anything else. I can understand why her parents objects to the marriage at first... Korean culture/society is quite sensitive to things such as divorce, adultery (can go to jail) and as you see through k drama, not having one or both parents alive is another 'no, no'. Wish the couple all the best in their marriage. Hope to see some tiny feets soon!


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