Monday, 18 May 2009

Lee Min-ho in Sydney & London

Err...come on in baby.
Lee Min-ho invites you to join him at one of Sydney's oldest pubs.

It's been awhile since i posted some Lee Min-ho eye candy.

Everyone and his dog knew that Lee Min-ho went to Sydney for a photo-shoot last month. Well, the photos are finally out! Teaser pics that is.

Lifestyle magazine - Singles released these pics. The photos were taken in Sydney, Australia (where Min-ho and his entourage spent 8 days and 6 glorious nights Down Under).

Lee Min-ho at Darling Harbour, on a yacht, enjoying the sun, sea and sights.
Gosh it's great being single!

The issue of Singles (magazine) will be available on 6 June. Don't forget to get it! (if you can).

Oh yes, June is a good month! It's not only Min-ho's birthday month (he was born 22 June 1987), he appears in yet another magazine...the June issue of Vogue Girl. So if you are a Lee Min-ho fan, you might want to get your hands on that magazine too!

Here's a sneak peak.

Sources: Newsen & Naver

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Rooster said...

Is his left hand glued to his head?

ffiza said...

muahaha...his hand glued to the hair. b'day is on 21st June 1987. does that make me his noona by just one day?hehe..

indira22 said...

Glued hand...hihi

my birthday is 22nd of JUne also!!
but i'm a noona for sure...

Anonymous said...

He is so handsome!!

Wawa said...

yay~~~ cool pix of minho <3

Anonymous said...

Wow, he's smokin' hooot!!

Tickets for "Breakfast with Junpyo + Jandi" event in Taiwan have said to be sold out in ONE MINUTE, ha!

Heard that Taiwanese fans of BOF (who checked out all the episodes already thru Internet) are mad 'coz
1. dubbing for Taiwanese TV is ridiculous

2. some of Korean OSTs were replaced by some Taiwanese songs

3. many scenes were edited.

They should have shown original version with original Minho and Jihoo voices!
Their voices were sooo sweet...:(

In the Philippines, the dubbing was said to be done quite well and they kept original Korean songs.

Orchid said...

@anonymous hey thanks for sharing those translation / dubbing facts. I HATE dubbed versions. Don't watch them at all. And if they replace the music...that's gotta be even worse!

minoinseoul said...

It's totally absurd to dub original voices of actors.
What a waste of money and time! Korean dramas are so much more enjoyable when not dubbed..
(I'm also mad when Italian films are dubbed though I don't know any Italian! :)

The following photos from Mino's yesterday's fan meeting are sooo hysterical, hahaha
Very interactive with fans~
What an upgraded (?) service for fans!
I wish he would pinch my cheek like that, too.
He seems like a very nice dude!
(Sorry, the link is a bit long...just copy & paste it ^^)

Orchid said...

Left hand glued to hair!? hahahaha You have good observation skills Rooster. I think he's trying to do the James Dean pose...but rather failed at it. :-P

BTW, updated with two extra pics from Singles magazine. Found it at :

Anonymous said...

ok..i like LMH but hate the pics. I only like the b&w one.

Empress said...

I like the 50's rock hairstyle on him.

cheri said...

The last few pics reminds me of Jerry Yan's (Dao Ming Si) hair in Meteor Garden. Haha..
He looked good in the first picture.


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