Monday, 18 May 2009

Recent photos of Song Hye Kyo in New York

Song Hye Kyo photographs her flat ...I just love my little loft in New York.

Song Hye Kyo looks fabulous in these candid pics of her at her apartment in New York. The Korean star is presumably in New York for the YouTube Symphony Orchestra project. Song who has been appointed the ambassador for the project earlier this year and attended the final concert at Carnegie Hall.

Do I look ok for Carnegie Hall?



Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

Hye-Kyo is HERE?????? OMG! I have to get to NYC.

Anonymous said...

she looks absolutely DIVINE

(and I am usually not a fan of hers)

Anonymous said...

Seriously, she looks prettier everytime I see her. Really need to know her secret. lol .

Anonymous said...

she secretly dating RAIN the 3rd party in her break-up with her 1st lover. RAIN becomes her 2nd lover?
latest news circulating in HK,China,Malaysia,Vietnam,Sinpore,Thailand,Taiwan
her good girl image got wiped out 100% instantly for good. hate bitchy actress lieing no boyfriend


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