Thursday, 28 May 2009

Lee Min-ho plays beach volleyball

...on a beach in Thailand

Today must be your lucky day (okay, maybe it's mine too ;-) if Rain walking in the forest bare chested isn't enough eye candy for one day, now we have Lee Min-ho (of Boys Before Flowers fame) frolicking on the beach.

Here are pics of Min-ho all sweaty, playing volleyball on the beach. Need i say more? I'll let the photos do the talking.

Darn, Orchid is a really good player!

Is it time for a break?

Gulp, i'm thirsty

Ahhh...nothing's more satisfying than quenching my
thirst with a Dunkin Donut soda

Source: SPN

More on Lee Min-ho


Anonymous said...

Hi, enough of Lee Min Ho already! It's getting sickening. Juz dun find him that attractive. Thank you.

* said...

I agree, Min Ho is everywhere these days but with every post I'm loving him more and he's getting hotter and hotter ...

Anonymous said...

I can almost guarantee that's an iced coffee. Koreans are obsessed.


Anonymous said...

He's hot!!!!!! Post more about Kim Bum!!

Mia said...

He's so hot. :">

BOFforever said...

>>>>>Anonymous said...
enough of Lee Min Ho already! It's getting sickening. Juz dun find him that attractive. Thank you.>>>>>

It's totally intriguing to see that there are ALWAYS "ANTI-FANS" of a big star.

Lee Min Ho is not just a big star in Korea; he's a PHENOMENON.

There has been no such case in the entire Korean entertainment history.

Yesterday, there were four articles already bout Lee Min Ho in Korean DAUM entertainment news.
You gotta accept there will be more news about him.

According to one of the four articles I read, he's started 'BOF Asian Promotion Tour' -- he and other F4 members will be soon embarking on their trips to Taiwan, Philippines, China, Vietnam, etc.

If you don't like him (but like some other F4 cast members or don't like any of them),
you don't have to comment here!

There are much more BOF fans out there who lurk around for more news about him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mind that in other Asian countries, the drama is going on now with whooping 'TV View Rating' and fans are hungry for more and more about LMH!!!!!!!

By the way, would you like if I use the word 'sickinging' when I describe your favorite star?????

Honestly, these deliciously refreshing pics have made me day!

MayCChen said...

Anti-LMH fans, stay off - You don't have to comment here. Nowadays, I'm sleepless, watching and thinking about Boys Before Flowers and I can't get enough of him. Wanna read hundreds of thousands of articles about Minho and Hyun-joong, Bum, and June everyday! Want to know everything about them.
P.S. Yep, 'sickening' was way harsh.
You must have finished watching all the episodes, but I'm still in the you don't have to say "enough already"!
Also, whether you think he's attractive or not is your freedom, but you don't have to say it here and hurt his fans' feelings!

Anonymous said...

*Drooolin' and nose-bleedin' all over the key-boards*
Da*n, he's so sporty...Hot, hot, hot. I want more!

missironic said...

Keep on posting abt Lee Min Ho! Just can't get enuff of him! :D

Anonymous said...

I can't get enough of him, either~!
and of other F4 dudes!
They make me smile ear to ear..aHHH

Wawa said...

well, some of the readers are still enojoyed the story of LMH... you have to accept the fact ;)

Asia Tour???? i'm soooooo hoping Malaysia is included!!! kui kui

Orchid said...

Hi everyone. Hmmm...Lee Min-ho antis - comment at your own risk!

I realised many have long put Boys Before Flowers behind them. But i also realise that some have just started watching the drama...for instance like readers in the Philippines and like one of our readers Fraulein who is watching it on S'pore tv. So even if you are sick of BBF news, well, bear with it or don't click to read the article.

Plus this isn't really news on Boys Before's more on Lee Min-ho and what he's doing AFTER his huge success with his first leading role.

Kor Drama Fan said...

Wawa, I hope so, too!!

I read yesterday from Korean Web that Minho was invited by Thailand's Dunkin Donut Cor. for a commercial.
He played beach volleyball surrounded by Thailand fans for hours on the beach, ha!
Wish I had been there! You know, he's been to Thailand twice..

Kor Drama Fan said...

Orchid said..
Plus this isn't really news on Boys Before's more on Lee Min-ho and what he's doing AFTER his huge success with his first leading role.

Yep, agree!
Koreans are still interested in him although the drama ended in March.
Lee Min Ho as a star and actor, not just as Goo Jun Pyo.
Besides, in other East and South Asian countries, they just officially started.
Some Asian fans I know watch the drama on TV all over again (including reruns ^^) although they already finished watching it thru Internet!

Anonymous said...

Orchid, Liz, Rooster,

you need to rename your blog to LEE-MIN-HO-POPPED ...


Anonymous said...

hey whoever you are! If you don't like Lee Min Ho then you better get off this page! Fine, if you don't like him, then why bother visiting this page? and get some effort to write things like that?! If you don't like him, then you can just leave this page and act like you've never seen one.. who asked you to comment anyways? who asked you to look at his pictures? then say things like you're sick of it.. the hell we Lee Min Ho fans care about you whatsoever!

Anonymous said...

For Lee Min-Ho antis, if you don't like him, then don't bother commenting about how you don't like Min-Ho. For me, Lee Min-Ho is just great!

Anonymous said...

Boys Before Flowers became a phenomenon due to successful commercialised marketing and promotion. Sometimes people can get caught in a craze, juz becos of the presumption that everyone else is.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps there could be some reports on other parts of the korean entertainment scene as well to keep the balance. Juz so to cater to, I won't say "anti-fans", but at least fans who aren't interested in the Boys Before Flowers craze. Thanks!

Bri@n said...

People are just envious of his popularity.

erikamandy said...

thanks 4 inform me all about lee min ho wherever he goes...
love him!!!

Anonymous said...

more lee minho more lee minho... plzz... request for it...
thank you thank you for include lee minho's article..
juz forget about the anti's lee minho..
juz write what ever you like...
you cant satisfy everyone... but i support you... =)

helena said...

eugh. too much lee minho la. reduce a bit can ? not like asking you to stop altogether but overdosing la. i've been overdosing on BOF since december. those who still 'cant-get enough-of-leeminho-yay' are just OUTDATED people who just started to get on the hype. if we follow them then its gonna be forever BOF la ..-_-;;..its the same of forum everywhere, we talk about some bof story like MOOOOONNNTHHHSSSSSS ago only now some newbie appear asking random question. dun even put effor to backtrack -_-..on a another note, i cant wait to see him moving on to next project. too much cf but no next project come ? bummie announced next drama edi. faster la move on minho yah! i wanna see your talent rather than your face saja.

Ayumi said...

>>i cant wait to see him moving on to next project. too much cf but no next project come ? bummie announced next drama edi. faster la move on minho yah! i wanna see your talent rather than your face saja.<<

Hi, Bummie fan~

reply to your Q:
Minho has been sought after sooo much (he's been shooting commercials in Korea and many other countries, photo shoots, fan meetings in and out of Korea) he didn't even take one day off for himself.

People just don't leave him alone.

He said in an interview that after Asian promotion tour, fan meetings and all the contracts with the companies, he wants to take a rest a bit and wants to try to gradually get away from "Goo Jun Pyo" character..I think he really needs some rest.
So, you don't need to worry about him getting lazy.
He is an extremely hard-working and ambitious person.

I luuurve Lee Min Ho with or without marketing.

I don't love him 'cuz he appeared in lots of CFs or someone told me so.
Fans are not into him because of some marketing!

I've been obsessed with him while watching the drama.

His charisma as an actor including his look, coolness, acting and voice (pity for dubbing!), everything.
And I'm gonna keep watching him as an actor to grow.
Hope he will get some rest soon (bUT WHEN?!)
and good luck with his again postponed leg surgery due to his busy schedule..

And thank you, thank you, thank you, k-popped, for reporting on Lee Min Ho.
Hurray for 24 comments - being *controversial* is a good sign!

Just because you are a fan of other F4 boys, you don't have to bash LMH.

Am sure his fans must have lots of info on him thanks to your site!

P. S. If you don't want to hear about Lee Min Ho, you don't ahve to bother to open 'comment' page and give your opinion.

Just skip reading about him; there are tons of other Korean Entertainment news in this site!

Jirafa said...

No way, continue with posting Lee Min Ho stories! It's supposed to be about Korean pop culture and he's what's popular.

And I think he's rather good looking in an awkward way. <3

anj said...

now i can say that im totally over him (bi rain) hahaha..LOL tnx to lee min ho.. aja aja fighting!!!

Y U X U A N ♥ said...

Hes so hot!! ahh post more about him!
MIN HO fighting! :D

jk82_vicious said...

anti lmh,backoff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
if u can't stand his popularity just shut up and find someplace where you can't hear anything about him...
you're lucky if there's

mhae_09 said...

i cant wait to see lee min ho,,,,, hes so hot and perfect.. love you gu jun pyo,,,,, muaaaaahhhhhhh

mhae_09 said...

lee min ho,, can you visit here at the Philippines.. you had a lot of fans waiting here for you to come.... love you lee min ho.... your the best.....


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