Monday, 4 May 2009

Moon Geun-young celebrates 22nd birthday with fans

Moon Geun-young celebrated her 22nd birthday with fans on May 2. The A Tale of Two Sisters actress wow-ed fans by appearing in a tight shirt showing off her midriff and skinny jeans.

Dance fever: Moon (in the Tommy Girl T-shirt)
busts a move

Oh, the young lady also busted out some nifty moves with the Friends dance team. Apparently, Moon spent 2 weeks learning the choreography for the special presentation.

About 700 fans attended the fan meeting-cum-birthday celebration. Moon’s birthday falls on May 6.

Flowers: 'Aww, is the bouquet for me?
Thank you.'

Birthday: 'Happy birthday to me!
Where's the cake?'

Source: Hankooki

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Anonymous said...

MGY is way too scary skinny now, I liked her better when she didn't look like the skeleton model standing in my anatomy classroom...

KellyB said...

OMGee! I loved that movie, A Tale of Two Sisters. My sister and I watched it together when she first got it. Who did Moon play in that movie?

mgyfan/Dan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

^ the little sister. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! she was one of the first ppl to get me interested in korean ent. hope she enjoyed it. I also agree she is too skinny but as long as she's healthy thats the important thing


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