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Lee Min Ho denies Mercedes purchase

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Yes, I went for a test drive but no, I did not buy the car

It was reported last week that Boys Before Flowers star Lee Min-ho bought a brand new Mercedes Benz CLS350. I happen to think that the actor can very well do whatever he wants with the money he's earned, but many lashed back that it was too extravagant a purchase.

It turns out that Min-ho did not purchase the car after all. It was just a case of misreporting.

When rumours of Lee Min-ho's Mercedes Benz purchase got out, he was in Sydney, Australia for a photo shoot. Thus it was not easy to respond to the rumour. Saddened by the news, Lee Min-ho set his mind on clearing up the rumour upon returning to Korea.

Lee Min-ho did walk into a Mercedes car dealership store and he did go for a test drive in one of the cars but he did not purchase it. He personally feels that the current economic situation does not warrant him to spend so much on an expensive car.

Source: Newsen

Lee Min Ho buys a Mercedes-Benz CLS 350


Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

Thanks for correcting that Orchid. I define quality journalism, by people who when them make a mistake, correct it. (everybody makes mistakes) Thanks again!

Orchid said...

Thanks for the comment Vic. yeah i feel bad for helping spread the rumour - but at that time, i didn't know it was a rumour since it came from reputable sites. It's only fair to post a follow-up - with the risk of having way too many Lee Min Ho entries on this blog :-P But you guys don't mind, right? RIGHT? ;-)

Anonymous said...

seriously ... i don't see what's wrong if Lee Min Ho DID buy a CLS350. it's his money, and by spending it, he's actually HELPING the economy.

guess there are always jealous people around to criticize others. those people wouldn't like others telling them what to buy and what not to buy, but they don't allow others the same luxury.

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

Anonymous, you are so much more right than you could ever know. He EARNED the money - they DIDN'T.

Anonymous said...

Um, buying goods is actually helping the economy especially at this kind of time. Netizens should just turn off the computer and take ECON 101.

peepoo said...

so the public is dictating what he should and shouldn't buy with his own damn money???

Wawa said...

whether he really purchased the mercedes or not, he still have the right to spend his money the way he likes it...

herm, come to think about this, yeah, a celebrity must sacrifice their privacy, but when people out there indirectly decide what he should & shouldn't buy or do it, i think it just too much~~~

may be they 'love' him, so they don't want him to waste the money but too much love just not good... this is my opinion anyway!

Ndmervin said...

His money so its his say to do whatever he wants. How much would a CLS cost there? I know its about half mil here in MY.. and thats peanuts to him, right?

Rooster said...

He could help the economy and buy the CLS for me! ;p

Anonymous said...

sheesh...what doesn't make netizens unhappy these days?. like others have said it's his money, if he wants to buy something so be it and STFO

I Heart Boobies said...

You guys have to understand how the economy works. Yes, it's true that spending will liven the deteriorating economy, but spending doesn't put money in your wallet. Spending helps the overall state of the economy, but it doesn't improve your own condition. As a matter of fact, it worsens your financial state during these times because you don't have a steady source of income. Dying economy = people afraid to spend because they don't have a steady source of income = you get no money = stupid to spend on expensive things. So no, spending big money during these times is not wise for your personal state. If you guys want to help the economy, go out and spend money extravagantly. Ofcourse, none of you would do such a stupid thing because as human beings, we're more concerned with our own status than the overall. Spending is only helpful if the masses do it together, but if you and a few scattered others are the only ones spending, you'll be left in the gutter sleeping in a cardboard box.

However, in Min-Ho's case, I'm sure he has enough money to purchase 10 Benzs, so I have no problem with him buying a Mercedes.

BaboDebo said...

If he did buy the car then it's nobody's business. The boy worked long hours for months on end to earn that car. If he wants to reward himself with it then he has every tight to. Netizens are being a too harsh on criticizing him on how he spends his salary. Like what other readers have said, he's helping the economy by spending his money. It would be different if it was known that he was strapped for cash and still spend his money irresponsibly. If anything, netizens should encourage those people who are able to still spend lots of money to keep shopping as it keeps money flowing into the economy. BAH! Min-ho is you want to buy 1 or 2 Benz go right ahead. You deserve it!!

alchocoholic said...

The whole deal with the economy is to spend within your means, not to stop spending. If you can afford it, by all means go ahead and buy it.

He had to work his butt off filming the series and commercials to earn his money. It wasn't given to him by netizens or anyone else so I don't see why anyone has the right to dictate what he spends on.

Sheesh, sucks to be a Korean celebrity. If you're too popular, you're basically a walking target for netizens. I just knew the public backlash would start!

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

Rooster: STOP THAT. I'm first! If he gets another one, you can have that one!
Anon: You are so right! We seem to be brewing a flock of people who have a passion for complaining.
...Boobies (Gawd I LOVE that name!) I didn't quite get your first paragraph, but the second line is exactly right! For Min-ho, this is a little more than pocket change. Like you or me, going to get tooth paste. F4 has been around for a long time. He has the money, he earned it.
Debo: Thank you. If I were to change one thing in your post, it would be to swap the word "months" to "years". F4 is an older group. And how long was he working before F4 started?
AA: You are EXACTLY correct. (Something the US is NOT doing right now, we are spending way beyond our means. This will extract a huge toll on the next generation.)
Orchid, Rooster, Liz, you have an incredibly sharp (= bright =intellegent) group here. I am very happy to be a part of this!

Anonymous said...

what really gets me is that Min-Ho was made to feel bad over this! what gives other people the right to criticize him and make him feel bad even if he DID buy the car?

-- Kimi

Anonymous said...

what really gets me is that Min-Ho was made to feel bad over this! what gives other people the right to criticize him and make him feel bad even if he DID buy the car?

-- Kimi


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