Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Seo In-young visits plastic surgeon - again?

Before: At the DVF fashion show last year
After: At a PUMA event recently

Did Seo In-young go for another plastic surgery to fix her nose? But why? She had such a cute button nose before she left for her "vacation" in the States. She came back with a new knob err..i mean nose.

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Rooster said...

From the pic, her after nose looks more... natural? The one on the left looks like she could poke someone's eye with that thing.

Anonymous said...

I second Rooster's comment..
The new nose looks slightly more natural~

Mina said...

I like her nose before than the new one. She's more pretty also before than now with that nose. :( I also like her style before. :>

marie said...

Maybe she was having problems with her nose. A lot of times people have to go back to the plastic surgeon for reconstruction to correct issues: the look, pain, numbness, breathing problems, etc.

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

Gah! She was so pretty before, now she looks like a train-wreck waiting to happen.

Anonymous said...

She just gets uglier and uglier every year!

Anonymous said...

Have you seen that before thing from the side? It could poke someone eyes out. Same thing can be said for her chin. WTF is that?

Rooster said...

I wonder where the extra flesh came from? ;p

marian said...

i guess she wants the natural look... but how many times have she done plastic surgery? she's pretty enough, maybe even before having it... :)

Anonymous said...

I can't bring myself to like her cause she's got such a desperate persona! She wasn't that great looking in the first place and now she's totally ruined her face with that ugly nose!

Anonymous said... how many times is this now? she's got some issue..i mean, her nose wasn't even THAT bad before all that surgery...

Dani said...

so what if she did a new surgery?
if she's happy with that new nose i'm fine with it.
And whats the problem with you ppl? why complain so much about someone else's look? She's a celebrity YES, but she's also like all of us. Can't you just listen to her music and like her chic personality? :p i don't know. . you guys do what you want, but i'll still continue to be her fan :p


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