Wednesday, 27 May 2009

SHINee releases Juliette

Romeos searching for their Juliet

On the 1st anniversary of their debut, SM Entertainment's five member boy band SHINee released their new single Juliette (Romeo mini-album). If you find the tune familiar, well, maybe its because Juliette is a remake of Corbin Bleus' Deal With It. Why didn't SM Entertainment come up with a fresh new song for the group? Could it be that with the glut of groups and bands it is difficult to churn out new music?

Despite the not so original song, Juliette has been doing well in the Korean music charts after its release.

The five who are currently in their teens debuted last year (May 25, 2008) with their song Noona, You're So Pretty (누난 너무 예뻐 ) from their Replay mini album and woo-ed all the ladies with that song.

The concept of the Juliette music video is of a 21st century masquerade ball where Romeo (SHINee) is searching for his Juliette. In the MV, Juliette is played by new comer Krystal Jung (who is the younger sister of SNSD's Jessica).

Juliet MV features Kristal Jung

Check out Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin in their new Juliette MV
(Video with English subtitles uploaded by wondersmurf):


Power Walker Champion said...

With what they're wearing, they kind of look like Juliets searching for their Romeos.

Kaye said...

Haha, Well, I guess you're right!

WhatMovieIsNext said...

those are definitely some "interesting" clothes they're wearing

Marie said...

The new song is good and style is original... I love the new hair cut of Jonghyun!! niarrrkkk!! He is so sexy! ^^

But why they have changed Taemin's hair cut!! ??? I don't this style... Inb Amigo he had a sexiest hair cut... (cry cry i___i)...

Tnaks for info! ^^

coffeemaniac said...

Yeah I agree, with their outfits, they look like Juliets looking for their Romeos. They are sooo GAY! Ewww.. Ha ha ha :-)

Ji-enne said...

I think they looked great with their new outfits. SHINee, as a leading contemporary band in fashion and music is doing great. I think Romeo is a fresh start for them.

Evelina said...

as always KEY and TAEMIN well dances and as always KEY much seksualinyy. love him


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