Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Sophia Ridza of Chit Chat With Beautiful Ladies talks to K-popped!


Sophia Ridza from the KBS talkshow, Chit Chat With Beautiful Ladies, is back home in sunny Malaysia. She shares with K-popped! her experiences on the show.

Sophia Ridza from Malaysia on the set of Chit Chat With Beautiful Ladies.

Let's get to know sweet Sophia in this EXCLUSIVE K-popped! interview...

Name: Sophia Ridza
Date of birth: 30th March 1985
Height: 168cm
Weight: 55kg
Blood type: O...or A....or AB.....erk...i don't know :p
Hobbies: Backpacking and outdoor activities
Family: Number 2 out of 4 siblings
Education: B.S in Electronic Electrical Engineering, Korea University

You went to Seoul to study Electrical Engineering at the University of Korea. Why did you choose Seoul and what do you like most about the city?
After graduating high school, I received a full scholarship from the JPA (Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam) to study in South Korea under the Look East Policy (Dasar Pandang ke Timur) program. Our former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, launched the Look East Policy program in 1989. Coming to Korea under this program is a dream come true for me.

What I like most about Seoul would be its transportation system. It’s really easy, fast and punctual... no pressure for wanting to buy a car. :p

Where is your hometown and while you were away, what did you miss most about it?

I was born in Johor, but grew up mainly in Subang Jaya (and Korea..hehe). While I was away, what I missed most was my family and last but not least...roti canai la.

How did you get on the KBS talk show, Chit Chat with Beautiful Ladies?

I was working part-time with Malaysia Tourism when they introduced me to the talk show. I went for an interview and got in! ^_^ It’s a new show and they wanted to educate their viewers about foreign cultures and share the experiences of a foreigner living in Seoul. I joined the show for 2 years.

Hanging with the girls.

Tell us a funny incident that happened to you while you were on the show.
Well...since I joined the show for 2 years, there are lots of beautiful memories I have with the whole team. I bet most Malaysians noticed my appearance when I got a blind date proposal by too-handsome-to-be-true Mr. Jong… hehe. It was really funny as all of us did not know anything about what was going to happen on the show. So everyone just 'kacau-kacau' (tease) the guy la...handsome maahh *wink*!!! It turned out to be "ME" who got the proposal. I was REALLY REALLY surprised!!! Since it’s a TV show, I had to calm myself down soon after…rite? hahaha.

To be on Chit Chat with Beautiful Ladies, you had to be fluent in Korean. Where did you learn Korean and how long did it take you to master the language?

All students under the JPA program had to undergo a one and a half year language course at the Seoul National University before pursuing a degree in any selected engineering course. We did not only learn conversation skills, we had to learn engineering terms in Korean as well. It is important that we are able to read and write fluently in order to take engineering exams in Korean for later degree courses.

Mastering a language is not an overnight skill, the learning process continues even after we graduate from the language courses. Socializing with Korean home-stay families and friends help us improve our conversation skills as well as give us a better understanding of Korean culture.

Now that the show is over, do you still keep in touch with the other women who appeared with you on the show?

They were not only ‘co-workers’; they are also my friends. We do still keep in touch. Not as frequent as when I was in Seoul, but these days, with facebook and the internet, the world has become a smaller place. ^_^ I miss hanging out with them though.

Being on a TV show must be an interesting experience. What memories of the show do you take with you?

Well... being on the show for almost 2 years, there are lots of interesting experiences that I dare not begin to talk about (I may need weeks to tell you all of it :p).

Anyway, part of it would be meeting people from all over the world, understanding their culture, and most of all TEACHing them Malaysian culture. It was so much fun and a headache at the same time...hahaha. Explaining why I can’t drink alcohol or why I can’t eat pork to a society that doesn’t have a Muslim community in the country was very educating. Not just for them, but for me as well.

Last but not least, introducing Malaysia’s developments (I told them about Malaysia and its tallest tower, KLCC) was also one of my most proudEST moments. MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!

Gal pals: Sophia and Bronwyn.

During the show, you were set up on a date with a bartender. KBS World did not air that incident. Care to tell us what happened then?
Hhahaha! This is the most frequent question I get from fans. Well... at the end of the show, they definitely did record some of the blind date scenes (we ate at an Indian halal restaurant in Seoul). I think that moment is enough for me to share with everybody. :p It’s really very awkward to be recorded on a blind date... and to reveal more of it... hahahah... it’s just too funny to share it with everybody. But one thing’s for sure... he is a nice, good looking guy. *wink*

Now that you're back home, what are your plans?

I just got back to lovely lovely tanah airku Malaysia last March and so far I have been around with my family most of the time. After living apart for such a long period, we really need some time to get used to living in Malaysia again. Before it was always "kimchi kimchi kimchi"... now, not anymore >_<;; hehe. This May, I will begin working with one of the most famous Korean electronics company, LG. Wish me luck (“,)

What else would you like to tell us?

I would like to thank K-popped! for this interview and giving me the opportunity to share some of my experiences living and studying abroad in Korea. For those Korean ‘hallyu’ fans out there, get yourself closer to Korean culture by visiting the Korean Tourism Organization (in KL). You could experience lots of Korean culture from the activities they host there. Don’t miss the chance ^_6. 감사합니다 여러분!!!

I was also interviewed by LIBUR, a local travel magazine, for their MAY ’09 issue. Get yourself a copy if you’d like to read more about me. ^_^

Thank you Sophia and we wish you all the best with your new job at LG!

Special thanks to K-popped! reader, Fizzy, for getting us hooked up with Sophia. ;)


izza lemonade said...

she's so lucky.x)

shiitake said...

thank you guys for interviewing her! i thought no one will ever knew about sophia ridza from kbs because she was always down to earth and camera seems to not capture her enough. watching her in misuda really makes me proud of being a malaysian. she's not afraid to tell everyone that she's a muslim & won't ever go for alcohol and pork. she even try to educate people about malaysia and our beautiful inter-racial society which i can say is a really cool education for koreans who are just starting to open up for diversity..

good luck in your career and hope to read more about you soon! & again, thanks k-popped!

ridhwan joker13 said...

Sophia!!! wooohooo! cant believe u guys got a chance to interview her. I hope sophia can hook me up to join the CCWBL, hahahahaa.

oh yeah theres a tour with sophia if u guys read the newspaper..hahaha.

Anonymous said...

@rooster- can't thank you enough for this! and for putting up my question. *wink* i'll thank sophia too for her answers.. i enjoyed reading all of them.

정말 감사합니다!

Rooster said...

@fizzy: No prob! :)

Wawa said...

oh my god!!!! you guys are the bomb K-Popped... since she left misuda (huhu.. i miss her farewell episode), i don't really watch it!

glad to know all her experienced while she was in Korea & as one of the beauties in misuda~~~

wishing her good luck in her career & hopefully can hear about her more in the future :)

thanks k-popped

Orchid said...

Thanks for granting us the interview Sophia...and the pics you provided are great! =)

Yeah you guys can leave Sophia a msg here...i'm sure she will drop by. ;-)

Falisa said...

it's so good to hear u back to M'sia..safe & sound.
watching the show and reading ur interview made me feel like i want to fly to Korea rite now!!! *wink*

Aahmad said...

Assa!! I was always looking forward to watching her on the show. True that she has not been given much airtime on the show like the other girls. But, that's probably because she didn't put herself out there..which is good as the show sometimes inadvertently caused some unwanted controversies.

Yeah, she did proved that Malaysia BOLEH!!!! Thanks for the interview, guys!!! ;)

cheayee said...

Hi hi. thanks for putting up the interview. I bt Sophia will be checking this page for comments? ^^

I ws kind of expecting the interview, since I did bump into Sophia at the expo nt too long ago. ^^

Hmm... I know its difficult to go back to the normalities of life in Malaysia after being away in a foreign land for so long... but 아자 아자,파이팅! Just know that you're not alone..!

anyways, just putting 2 + 2 together... i do have a few queries abt what the girls do behind the screen.. always very curious... ^^

1) Do the girls speak korean to each other when not on the show, or english? (for those who speak english, that is)

2) Would being able to read & speak Korean help one to find work in a korean company,which should be the case for most japanese firms?

Anonymous said...

oh i love this show
i have been watching it for the past 2 weeks
Sophia Rocks!
i remember she said when she confronted the man who touch her back side...
'This is my bud' hahahha
makes me laugh badly...
love her love the show...
btw i am from Indonesia, i love Amanda too
actually i like all the girls...
makes me have the 'Girls Power'
Wish u all the best Sophia~~~
thanks kpopped for the news...

Anonymous said...

i didn't like to watch this show at first b/c it's just a talk show.. but in the end i always watch it every week.. LOL i love how beautiful ladies frm diff countries can speak Korean very well.. and the show makes me learn abt their culture, their way of thinking, etc.. i love chit chat! <3

thanks for the interview w. Sohphia unnie.. the ladies frm chit chat aren't just beautiful.. they're great as well! ^^

Syn said...

What a wonderful dream to come true! To live and be educated in Seoul! I am so so jealous!

Anonymous said...

This show would be a lot better if:
1. Made the show longer than one hour. So many things are cut out because there are opinions of 16 guests crammed into just 60 minutes.
2. Make the show more spontaneous. Introduce new activities other than just sitting and talking.
3. Take field trips on special occasions. Maybe do an on-location shoot for particular shows.
4. The show seems to be dominated by particular countries, such as guests from the US, Canada, China and Japan. Nothing against them, but look elsewhere, too!
5. Change seating arrangements. I'm not feeling the whole stack-the-ladies routine.

Kristy said...

Hi Sophia,

I think it was great how you were able to be apart of the South Korean Entertainment industry while attending school there.
I want to be apart of the industry too...thru fan clubs....maybe I will be in a music video someday. :)

Great Job Sophia...you proved dreams come true.

Anonymous said...

tanx girls for interviewing her!!we're her biggest fan..hahahaha....we actually cried during the farewell episode cos we can see that she's very close with the cast of the show..
p.s: did she still keep in touch with the bartender???we (and our friends) always watch the clip on Youtube and dying to know wat happen to them =P wish her all the best on her new job...heheehe

k-popped! you girls are the best~~

allystar12 said...

orchid.. i just know about this..
but the youtube clip just too little and there is no translation..

Care to translate and send out video clip?anybody?

Anonymous said...

i'm so glad everyone enjoyed reading the interview.
too bad sophia didn't give us more on the bartender oppa, right? ;)
i tried asking her junior too, but even the junior is kept from the truth.

let's all pray for sophia's success..
소피아씨, 파이팅!!

Sophia said...

Dear all,

Thanks for watching the show....
정말 고마워요!!!!
Keep on watching the show as u will never know which next malaysian girl will come out in future~~

Thanks k-popped!!

좋은 하루 = have a gud day (",)

Sophia ridza

Insyirah said...

awesome! ive always wanted to read an interview with sophia. mucho thanks for th exclusive interview kpoppeddd!! ^_^

진혜인 said...

Hei.. thanks for the interview...

I always wanted to know what happen to her.. the last part where she farewell to everyone in kbs... i was like kinda miss her alot.. wan to know more about her but too late.. she left already..

with this exclusive interview.. makes me wanna be her chingu...

hei.. got one silly question to ask here...

Is she still dating that handsome bartender???

Anonymous said...

sophia unnie!!!
i really misz u after you left misuda.....
i was wondering what would u do after u back from korea....
now, thanx to k-popped! for clear it up...^^
when u were on the show, i really proud of u coz u manage to get in misuda and make our home,m'sia known to the world!!!

Anonymous said...

I was surprised when she said there no muslim community in Seoul. Mind you, there is a big mosque in seoul and I even prayed there when I was in Seoul in 2006. I even met a muslim korean at a shopping complex doing business there. Can't remember the place. I don't think she mixed with the local community. Otherwise she should know better there are muslims in Korea.

Anonymous said...

so luckt girl..i love korea too,i buy some korea language book with english translate so i can learn korea more..
thanks for the interview k-popped..hoping some day i wll visit korea..

turtle here we go said...

thanks a lot..
i really like her..
wat happen to the bartender??
well its her secret..
kak sophia:
i wish u all the best in ur life..
u made me think that malaysia boleh 4 everything...

Anonymous said...

@anon: perhaps sophia didn't get a chance to go to itaewon. the mosque is there, right? there is a muslim community in seoul, but i guess they are minorities. islam is growing in korea,though. :)

Sophia said...

Dear anonymous,

Im sorry that i have not write it clear enough for you to understand.

What I mean by there are "no muslim community" would be from the Korean ppl themself.
The mosque in Itaewon is most visited by muslim from other country such as the arabic ppl, malaysian and other foreigner that live a muslim life there. You could count on the Korean that converted to muslim and attended the mosque. Most probably they are married to another muslim foreigner.

I hope you have a better understanding now.

Thank you ^_^


Sophia said...

Dear all,

Regarding the bar tender... his is doing good in Seoul *wink* hehe~
Good luck in learning Korean language as your 2nd or 3rd or 4th language ^_^ im sure its going to be fun!!~
There are (free..ehm..maybe) classes in Korea Tourism that you can attend. Join and you could meet friends that have same interest with you too.

last but not least...
yes Malaysia Boleh!!!~



|| Lyññ || said...

It's so cool!! I was really excited to find out that a Malaysian was gonna be on the show!! Yey to Sophia!! =)

All the best~~

Jennifer said...

Look what i found ^^


Wawa said...

hihihi... thanks on the info of the bartender sophia :)

huhuhu...i really wanna learn hangul but i need to search time! hahaha...

COKLAT said...

i really admires her.
love u.
thankz coz interview diz beautiful woman.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha.. Kinda weird today..
I think I saw Sophia at Sunway Pyramid yesterday(Friday)..
Dunno if tht's her but tht person reaaaally looked like her..
Btw, she was wearing a black n white striped top..

P/S to Sophia: I luv watchin u in tht show.. U were awsum.. Wish u all da luck in da future.. N not 4gettin da bartender part, U R SOOO LUCKY!!! Dis kinda scene r usually found in a book or drama.. Guess u were the star in tht part.. Hahahaha..

Anonymous said...

as a malaysian gurl...i absolutely admire with you!!!
you are not just pretty but i think you are talented..
hope you will be a part of malaysian entertainment one day..
your face look like Faezah Elai..
what do you think??

Anonymous said...

sophia i hope i can be friend with u...^_^ if anyone here know how to contact sophia please tell me at hazirah13_luv@yahoo.com
ok...i really hope i can contact her..^_^ i am from Malaysia too..

... said...

I miss Sophia!!
사랑합니다. 그리워요.

I'll remember you forever.
영원히 기억할께요

Don't forget
that We always behind you.
항상 응원합니다

Health and happiness..
God bless you!
행복하고 건강하세요
언제나 신의 가호가

한국 팬 드림
from Korea

Joe said...

Wow.. you interviewed her..

Thank you for that.. really interesting to see her interview..

mira liyana said...

she's so lucky... thanks kpopped for interviewing her... I wish I could be like her. maybe one day... introducing Malaysia to the whole world. She's my inspirations. best of luck Sophia...

Anonymous said...

Wow..! awesome lah Sophia! I saw that episode of that gorgeous bartender and screamed when he chose her! Sophia kept saying she's not the sexy girl he said she was! Thanks for the interview babe! Gosh Sophia makes Korean men go hottt!! So Selamat Kembali ke Malaysia and good luck and yeah enjoy your roti canai, nasi lemak, sambal belacan, bubor durian yah!!


ayumi said...

omg..thanx so much 4 interviewing sophia...lucky her...i was ad wondering if she's bck in malaysia or not..hahaha...so proud of her being there...wonder if there r other malaysian girls will join in da show...hehehe...hoping to go to korea 4 a holiday soon...XD

Lina26435 said...

Was checking out the programme info and panelists info and wham! An interview of our very own sophia!

Kak Sophia..if you're reading this...is there anyway to directly contact you? I have been learning hangul on my own and have special interest to teach music in Korea. We're sisters in Islam too, so, I think you will be able to provide me with some of the info that I'm curious about. =) 부탁해요!

My entire family watches this show without fail every thursday evening. it's very interesting to learn about korean culture and other coutries as well. ^^


miamihero said...

I've seen her on KBs world before and I was surprised to see a representative for Msia! ;) that;s really cool! go sophia!

Heekmah {Mrs. Hwang} said...

im so sad because she already left the show when i become a fan of the show.the girls are funny though ^-^ good luck for her new job!
im so proud of her to tell others about msian cultures,and tell others why she cant drink alcohol and eat porks~

sophia fighting!!

Sue Peng said...

hi, sophia. may i just ask if the education in korea, seoul specifically is expensive. is there any chance that they would employ foreign graduates like us, malaysians? r u still in malaysia btw since u said that u're working with a korean company?


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