Sunday, 10 May 2009

Sun Mi of Wondergirls has short hair

What do you like her in – short or long hair?

The short and long of it: 'I look cute in both hairstyles!'

Sun Mi of Wonder Girls chopped off her locks for a cute bob cut with bangs. Looking her age is a nice change.

Fans are taking to Sun Mi’s new look and prefer the 18-year-old without her thick stage make-up, as seen in these selca pictures.

Cutie pie: Making faces while selca-ing

Sun Mi, who celebrated her birthday on May 2, sent a thank you video message to her fans for the many gifts she received. That was when her fans noticed the new hairdo.

Check out the vid below. That cute bunny soft toy is adorable :-).

Sources: Hankooki & K Bites

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Anonymous said...

I love her with long sexy hair.... she looks cute with short hair still... she's still my favorite!

Ye eun is gorge with her new hair do! i love it when she lets her hair loose.... sexy..

Danielle said...

I think she'd look great no matter what haircut she does, but I love the fact that she's opting for something more natural this time.

~Lola~ said...

She is cute no matter what hairstyle she has.

Anonymous said...

Sun Mi is so adorable no matter what :] I prefer her having any kind of hair style, because it fits her perfectly. Love it. Don't care if people said that it looks "ugly", to me it's pretty enough.

Anonymous said...

I sent her the dvd and udon noodles. Am so happy she gave a shoutout.

Syn said...

She is adorable any which way, but I do like her looking her age.


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