Sunday, 24 May 2009

Won Bin's looking good

So is Won Bin making his promo rounds for his comeback flick Mother right now? After all, the movie opens on May 28 in South Korea.

Wouldn't mind more news on Mr. Handsome here. :-)

The film may have received mixed reviews at the Cannes Film Festival recently, but that's not preventing me from trying to watch the flick. Maybe I can get the DVD?

Welcome back!: Won Bin returns to the silver screen in Mother

Mother is the 32-year-old's comeback flick after his military stint. Won Bin (Taegukgi) portrays a mentally-retarded boy who is accused of murder in the Bong Joon-ho-directed movie.

More pictures of Won Bin after the jump. My, my isn't he lookin' good :-). Sigh.

Contemplative mood: 'I wonder what Liz is doing
right now. I miss her.' :-P

Need socks: 'Yeah, my last pair was in the laundry
so I'm socks-less for this photoshoot.'

Bare feet: 'Oooh, I'm getting cold feet here.'

Serious plea: 'Please help me get a new
pair of socks.'

Cutie pie: Aww, who can say no to a smile like that?

Source: Hankooki

Mixed reviews for Mother at Cannes Film Festival
Won Bin goes to Africa for UNICEF
Won Bin on the cover of GQ Korea


Orchid said...

Nah, not that great in this photo shoot.

Liz said...

What not that great in this photoshoot? The first picture rocks!

Orchid said...

Only the first one though...the rest.. he looks old in those pics. And so not hawt.

Anonymous said...

I think he looks oh-so-boyish & droolworthy in the first pic~ ^-^
Look at those hazel eyes of his!

noizumi said...

yeah! agree with orchid...
he definitely has age line in those pics..

but i still love him though! ^^

Samantha Michelle♥ said...

yea the first one is the best one;
his age lines really do
show in the rest♥
but it's ok; still handsome :)

Lynette/kokokoreano said...

I like him sockless! if he were to were socks with that pair of shoes, it will look weird! >.< hahah!




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