Thursday, 4 June 2009

Eugene and Park Han-byul in Yoga Institute

Eugene and Se7en’s girlfriend Park Han-byul have secured themselves a place at Yoga Institute, a horror flick directed by Yoon Jae-yeon.

Limber: Eugene (middle) and Park Han-byul (right) are bendy

The film is about five girls who are on a quest to stay beautiful forever. A narcissistic TV shopping host Hye-jeong (Eugene) signs up for yoga classes at the institute after being introduced to it by an old high-school friend.

Balance: 'I can stay like this for hours
and not fall over'

As soon as Hye-jeong joins the class, six people start disappearing from the school…and something unexplainable happens to Hye-jeong.

Here are some more photos of lead actress Eugene and supporting actress Park Han-byul showing off their S-line while shooting scenes for the movie. The pictures were taken on June 2.

Deep breaths: 'It's all about taking in the maximum
amount of oxygen.'

Stretch: "Ouch, gotta loosen that cramp in my foot.'

Slim down: 'Go for that long, lean look with a torso stretch like this.'

Balanced too: Not to be outdone
is Park Han-byul

Ta ta: 'I like to randomly wave at people after
a good yoga workout.'

Source: Hankooki


estelgrace said... Eugene work! Yay!
Can't wait for it^^

k9vc said...

Even if the plot was completely vapid, with Eugene in this, it would be worth renting, just to watch with the sound off.

Vic in Long Beach, CA


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