Sunday, 7 June 2009

Pussycat Dolls dominate Seoul

Sexy girl group Pussycat Dolls held their first ever concert in Seoul on June 6 as part of their Doll Domination world tour.

Dominators: 'Let's surprise 'em with the Hannah Montana Hoedown
Throwdown girls!'

Yup, they gave Malaysia a miss (and performed in neighbouring Singapore instead) because we’d probably have…err, groups protesting and asking to ban the show.

Point #1: 'You so know we ain't in Malaysia when
I'm wearing barely there threads! Whoo hoo!'

Point #2: 'There are just some places we can't dominate.'

Energy: 'Phew, it's a workout on stage

In Seoul, the naughty girls entertained a 7,000 strong crowd for an hour and a half. They sang about 20 songs.

Some Korean stars were spotted making their way to the show held at the Olympic Cycling Stadium, Olympic Park, southern Seoul. They were:

SuJu's Choi Shiwon

T-ara's Jiyeon

Seeya's Lee Bo-ram

Kim Hyun-jung


Jeon Hye-bin

Sources: MSN News & Newsen


Insyirah said...

I went to their concert too (in sg) and it was wicked awesome!!!!

Wawa said...

well, PCD used to do a showcase in m'sia 3-4 years back then when they neglected the dress rules... and the organiser had to pay amount of money coz they disobey the rules...

so, unless they decided to obey the rules or no more PCD in here >.<

ps: if PCD is fully covered, they are soooo not PCD!!!!


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