Monday, 8 June 2009

Yoon Eun Hye & Daniel Henney at Gucci opening

Gorgeous couple : Yoon Eun Hye & Daniel Henney
at Gucci's Radiant Dinner

Two hallyu stars - Yoon Eun Hye and Daniel Henney were spotted at a Gucci event in Shanghai recently.

Both Yoon Eun Hye and Daniel Henney (was he her date?) attended the opening of Gucci's Shanghai flagship store on 06 June, 2009 (Gucci's 28th store in China). They were also at the Gucci Radiant Dinner event together.

Now, i am not quite sure if both of them received an invite, but if it were up to me to guess, fashionista Yoon Eun Hye would have received the invite. Perhaps she didn't want to go alone and dragged Mr Henney along! That isn't such a bad idea since he personally invited her to his movie (X-men Origins: Wolverine) premiere last month! Why not call in a favour now?

By the way, isn't Henney supposed to be in the U.S. shooting his tv drama Three Rivers?

They look great together don't they? Check out more pics after the jump.

Daniel Henney says, "Hey! How did K-popped! know we are here?"
Well, a little bird told us...

Yoon Eun Hye in Gucci/s Fall 2009 ready to wear collection

At the opening of the Gucci store in Shanghai

Daniel Henney wasn't only with YEH at the Radiant dinner, he was also with her at the opening of Gucci's 28th store in Shanghai. They look pretty comfortable together.

Also check out the video links at the bottom of this entry. It's really sweet that Daniel Henney made sure YEH got into her car safely, and waved to her.

YEH arriving at the opening

YEH and Daniel Henney checking out the store

With Frida Gianini, Gucci's creative director

Walking around in the store. Check out YEH's platform heels!

Taking a break: All that socializing is pretty tiring

Cheers! Here's to a fabulous time in Shanghai!

Video links:

Source: K-popped! reader Tom Carillo, Soompi Forums, and Soompi Forums2


sharona said...

Thanks for postin.

They'd make a goodlooking couple.

I actually think it's the other way around. It was Daniel Henney who made sure Yoon Eun Hye got invited to the Gucci event. She's never modelled for Gucci, he on the otherhand was a runway model for Gucci.

Daniel Henney also invited Yoon Eun Hye to be in his Wolverine premiere last month.

barbie said...

I dont know why, but I sense something is going on between the two and I've never been wrong in my predictions.

granola said...

Ahem! Couple alert!

If they are dating, they'd be such a hot couple.

kc said...

Yoon Eun Hye and Daniel Henney is <3
Oh my...they def look good together.

Wawa Gegirl said...

they really look good together... i don't mind if they seeing each other ;)

Arin said...

they do look good together,
but I still prefer looking at him with Jung Ryeo Won. =)

tina said...

^it's funny that you mentioned Jung Ryeo Won, cause YEH and JRW are friends.
Maybe JRW did some matchmaking=)

I wonder if he's courting YEH.

Grace said...

Mr. Henney & Miss Yoon~~~

WHY NOT? If they're really dating, I bet Mr. JK Kim must be kicking himself for not making the move back when they had that scandal... ><;;

I'd love to see Mr. H & Miss Y as a couple!

Liz said...

They look hot together :-)

Jennifersinha said...

They both look graet, but YEH's outfit is awful (the blue one) the green one was acceptable...Danniel looks hot as usual! :D

Anonymous said...

Daniel Henney and Yoon Eun Hye?
I love them so much!
They look perfect toghether..
I hope they are real couple, hehe.. ^^

Imtiren said...

OMG!! they look so good together... I think they'd make a gr8 couple. I simply adore her. she was gr8 in coffee prince ^__^


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