Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Dream - praying for success

The production crew and main casts, namely Joo Jin Moo, Kim Bum and Son Dam-bi were seen at a ceremony, praying for the success of their new drama Dream. The ceremony was held at the SBS studios in Ilsan on 15 July afternoon.

Lead actor Joo Jin Moo looked hot. Yes, he was perspiring, it must be hot in that place too. Kim Bum is sporting longer, messier hair and looking as cute as ever, and Son Dam-bi remained her cool in a white sleeveless top and skinny jeans.

Dream will start airing on 27 July, 2009.

Video clip and more pics after the jump...

Sources: MyDaily, Hankyung, Newsen

Casting for new SBS drama Dream


Blaise said...

Joo Jinmo can sweat an ocean and I'd still cook, clean and love him for life! XP

And have all the kids he wants!!!


rEbEcca said...

wowo! jo jin moo from 200 pound women, kim bum and som dam bi! what a combination, can't wait for this drama to air! yoohoo~

Serene said...

Kim Bum looks funny, like he took part of the wig Gu Junpyo wore and planted in on top of his growing hair.

Sorry Jinmoo fans, I never found him cute .

Hii said...

I've always wondered about the pig head they feed with money on these events. Any info on why that is? Or where I could find any info about it?


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