Thursday, 16 July 2009

Kim Sun Ah & Lee Seung Gi do Max Beer again

Don't you think they look cute together?

It looks like the Kim Sun Ah (City Hall) and Lee Seung Gi (Brilliant Legacy) coupling for Max Beer commercial isn't a one-off thing. Initially, the noona - namdongsaeng (elder sister - younger brother) pair were brought together because they are the celebrities most people wanted to go on a holiday with. They had chemistry in the first CF earlier this year. It's such a winning combination that they are here again, with a second ad!

Kim Sun Ah and Lee Seung Gi's new Max Beer CF will start airing on 17 July, 2009.

Watch out for our beer ad ok?

Source: Asia Economy Korea

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Hito said...

Love Lee sung gi and kim sun ah <3 They look really cute!!

missironic said...

I just love to see Kim Sun Ah! She can just make ppl smile! Hahaha.. Can't wait for the ad. :D

clarisse said...

I really think that he looks like Rain but with bigger eyes than Rain. They have the same nose and lips.


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